Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary – Park of the Month

Sharp-tailed sandpiper preening at teh Adeladie international Bird Sanctuary. Photo: Peter Corcoran.

The Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary is “Park of the Month” for November.

DEWNR, Friends of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (FAIBS) and Birds SA have been organising a range of events to enhance the community understanding of this important feeding ground for the migratory waders. The waders have recently returned from their breeding grounds as far away as the artic.

“Four ‘fledglings’ and sixteen adults, including some beginners, spent several enjoyable hours at St Kilda Beach today”, said Kate Buckley of Birds SA. A total of 40 species were seen, including waders, water birds and bush birds.

Kate thanked Ian Falkenberg from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources for organising and advertising the event, and Enid Pascoe and Richard Woodland for their wonderful support in helping attendees identify birds. Jan Webber and Jean Tucker, also Birds SA members who had turned up for a morning of birding were also purloined into service.

“It really was a most enjoyable morning – regardless of the heat and the sand flies”, Kate said.