Bird Trails / Local & Regional Guides

New South Wales
Bird Routes of Cowra District
Bird Routes of the Western Namoi Floodplains
Bird Trails of the Riverina and South West Slopes of NSW
Bird Trails of the Weddin Shire
Birds of Sydney Parks & Gardens
Macquarie River Bird Watching Trail
Warialda / Bingara / Barraba Bird Routes
Wetland Birds of the Sydney Region
Northern Territory
Bird Notes
Birding Trails
Birds of Croydon
Birds of the Balonne
Bird Places of Brisbane
Bird Places of the Gold Coast
Bird Places of Ipswich
Bird Places of the Moreton Bay Region
Bird Places of the Redlands
Bird Watching in the Goondiwindi Region
Noosa Bird Trail
Birds of Drouin
Birds of Hobsons Bay’s Coastline
Prom Country Indigenous Birds. A guide to indigenous birds in South Gippsland
Woodland Birds of North East Victoria
Your guide to the birds of the Macedon Ranges
Western Australia
Aquatic invertebrates and waterbirds of the wetlands in the Avon region
Birds and Reserves of the City of Cockburn
Birds of the Avon River basin
Birds of the City of Joondalup
Birdwatching around Albany
Birdwatching Around Augusta & Margaret River
Birdwatching around Cambridge
Birdwatching around Melville
Shorebirds and seabirds of the Pilbara coast and islands
Waterbirds of the Canning River

Updated: 20/04/2021