On-Line Guides

Curlew identification sheet
Field Guide to Waterbirds of the ASEAN (includes some species found in Australia)
Identifying the Orange-bellied Parrot
Melbourne birds. Identification booklet for the Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment
My Tern. A pocket guide to the terns of Australia
Protected Species Identification Guide for Victoria’s Commercial Fishers

Seabird Bycatch Identification Guide

Seabird Identification Cards
Seabird ID Guide for commercial fishers in southern Australia
Shorebirds Identification Booklet
South East of South Australia Wetland Birds Identification Guide
Waders of the Coorong Lower Lakes
Wetland birds of south eastern Australia Identification booklet
Wings over wetlands. The wetland birds of the Corangamite region.

Updated: 14/06/2021