Bakara Conservation Park

Where is it?: Bakara Conservation Park is on Gold Post Road south of the Stott Highway (Swan Reach – Loxton Road).

Owner: Department for Environment and Water

Property summary: Total area 2030 hectares – Hundred of Bakara, Sections 54 and 55.

Landscape Management Region: Murraylands and Riverland

History: The park was first proclaimed on 15 May 1986 and an additional 1028 hectares was added in August 2009.

Habitat: Red mallee (Eucalyptus socialis) is the dominant species.

Total Species Recorded to Date: 90 (non-passerines 30, passerines 60)

Common Species: Malleefowl, Galah, Mulga Parrot, Purple-backed Fairywren, Black-backed Fairywren, Chestnut-rumped Thornbill, Weebill, Grey Shrikethush

Less Common Species: Eastern Barn Owl, Tawny Frogmouth, Red-rumped Parrot, Chestnut-crowned Babbler

Updated: 9/01/2022

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