Clayton Wetlands, Birdsville Track

Where is it?: Clayton Wetlands is a camping area along the Clayton River, off the Birdsville Track about 54km NE of Marree. There are showers and toilets on site as well as an artesian bore fed hot-tub.

Owner: Clayton Station

Property summary: Total area c. 170 hectares. Out of Hundreds – Part Block 1086

Landscape Management Region: South Australian Arid Lands

Habitat:104Coolabah (Eucalyptus coolabah) with Coobah (Acacia stenophylla) and Broughton Willow (Acacia salicina) are found along the river channels. The surrounding country is mostly chenopod shrubland.\

Total Species Recorded to Date: 107 (non-passerines 59, passerines 48)

Common Species: Black-faced Cuckooshrike, Diamond Dove, White-plumed Honeyeater, Magpielark, Crested Pigeon, Australian Raven

Less Common Species: White-necked Heron, Australasian Swamphen, Brolga, Australian Hobby, White-winged Fairywren, Pied Honeyeater

Updated: 10/07/2022

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