Kyeema Conservation Park

Where is it?: Kyeemq Conservation Park is about 20 km. SW of Meadows on Woodgate Hill Road.

Owner: Department for Environment and Water.

Property summary: Total area 347 hectares. Hundred of  Kuitpo – Sections 92, 302, 522, 682, 683, 688, 850

Landscape Management Region: Hills and Fleurieu

Habitat: The overstorey is mainly messmate stringy bark (Eucalyptus obliqua), with some pink gum (E. fasciculosa) and cup gum (E. cosmophylla) and a diverse under storey.

History: The area was once mined for alluvial gold for several years until it was abandoned in 1890 due to low yield. A few years later some of the area was cleared for pine plantations before being used as a labour prison reserve. Following the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires, the Friends of Kyeema Conservation Park started to revegetate cleared areas of the park. The park was first proclaimed on 1 January 1964 with the addition of another 25 hectares  in 1974.

More information: NPWSSA

Total Species Recorded to Date: 84 (non-passerines 35, passerines 49)

Common Species: Superb Fairywren, Striated Thornbill, Brown Thornbill, White-browed Scrubwren, Crescent Honeyeater, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Grey Shrikethrush

Less Common Species: Southern Boobook, Elegant Parrot, Eastern Shriketit, Willie Wagtail, Bassian Thrush

Updated: 25/07/2021

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