Mount Scott Conservation Park

Where is it?: Mount Scott Conservation Park is located 22 km east of Kingston, South East. A car park and access to the park is off Mount Scott Road. A picnic and camping area is located in the grassland area of the north west corner.

Owner: Department for Environment and Water.

Property summary: Total area 1267 hectares. Hundred of Murrabinna – Section 711.

Landscape Management Region: Murraylands and Riverland

History: Mount Scott Conservation Park was proclaimed on 9 November 19722.

Habitat: The park is located on part of the South East relict beach dunes which run north west and south east. These ranges are usually less than 30 m high, and are approximately parallel to the present coastline.

Reedy Creek abuts the south west corner of the park whilst the West Avenue Range approaches the eastern edge of the park.

There are a variety of vegetation types present in the Park.

  • The flats bordering Reedy Creek are dominated by River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis), while the central limestone ridge supports South Australian Blue Gum (E. leucoxylon) and Pink Gum (E. fasciculosa).
  • The eastern range is more sandy and tends to be dominated by mallee vegetation. Outcrops of South Australian Swamp Paper-bark (Melaleuca halmaturorum) and mallee honey-myrtle (M. neglecta) occur on the calcareous flats.3

Total Species Recorded to Date: 138 (non-passerines 66, passerines 72)

Common Species: White-browed Babbler, Galah, New Holland Honeyeater, Malleefowl, Eastern Rosella, Grey Shrikethrush, Silvereye

Less Common Species: Crested Bellbird, Painted Buttonquail, Cockatiel, Blue-winged Parrot, Hooded Robin

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Updated: 26/07/2021