Nurragi Conservation Reserve

Where is it?: This reserve follows the old railway line from Milang to Sandergrove. Parking is available at Milang or along Nurragi Road.

Property summary: Total area 65 hectares. Hundred of Bremer – Allotments 1, 10, 100 and 101

Natural Resources Management Region: Natural Resources South Australian Murray-Darling Region

Owner: National Trust of SA.

History: The reserve runs for 12km from Milang to the SteamRanger Heritage railway line between Strathalbyn and Mount Barker. A walking trail with interpretive signs follows the length of the reserve.

Habitat: It preserves remnant mallee vegetation including square-fruited mallee (Eucalyptus calycogona), narrow-leaved red mallee (E. leptophylla), peppermint box (E. odorata) and native apricot (Pittosporum angustifolium). Understorey plants include wallowa (Acacia calamifolia), needle bush wattle (A. rigens) and broombush (Melaleuca uncinata).

More information: NTSA

Total Species Recorded to Date: 97 (non-passerines 39, passerines 58)

Common Species: Peaceful Dove, Weebill, Australian Magpie, Little Raven, Grey Shrikethrush, Diamond Firetail

Less Common Species: Southern Boobook, Red-capped Robin, Hooded Robin, Rufous Whistler,