Where is it?:: Semaphore is a north-western suburb on the Lefevre Peninsula. It is bounded by Bower Road, Swan Terrace, Hart Street and south along the coast to Cap Lafayette.

Local Council area: City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Landscape Management Region: Green Adelaide

History:Semaphore was first surveyed for sale in 1849, at which time it was isolated by swamps to the south and the Port River to the east. In 1851, George Coppin, a prominent publican, theatrical entrepreneur and actor, built a two-storeyed timber hotel on the southern corner of The Esplanade and Blackler Street. A very high flagpole was erected to signal to his “White Horse Cellars” hotel at Port Adelaide the approach of ships, earning the area the name Semaphore often called “The Semaphore”.

Places to see birds: Coastline, EP Nazar Reserve and Glanville Hall Par 3 Golf Course

Total Species Recorded to Date: 47 (non-passerines 29, passerines 18)

Common Species:  Crested Pigeon, Rainbow Lorikeet, New Holland Honeyeater, Noisy Miner, Magpielark, Welcome Swallow

Less Common Species:  Greater Crested Tern, Pacific Gull, Red-capped Plover, Yellow-rumped Thornbill

Note: This bird list is a guide to the bird species that have been recorded in this local area. We encourage you to record your sightings and add your locality on the checklist and return to Birds SA for inclusion in the Biological Survey of South Australia database.

Updated: 28/07/2021


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