South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 01

1914V01P1Volume I, Part 1. January 1914

Contents p. 3.

History of ornithology in South Australia R. Crompton pp. 5-11.

The avifauna of Melville Island, Northern Territory F.R. Zietz pp. 11-18.

Order Passeriformes, family Muscicapidae, Rhipidura tricolor-The Black-and-white Fantail pp. 18-20.

Halcyon macleayii coeruleus subsp. n.-The Northern Forest Kingfisher Edwin Ashby pp. 20-21.

A note on Dicaeum hirundinaceum and the Loranthus seed A.M. Morgan pp. 21-22.

Current observations
Fantailed Cuckoo breeding near Adelaide
J.W. Mellor pp. 22-23.

[Roseworthy Agricultural College] H.E. Laffer p. 23. )

Observations of Laughing Jackass (Dacelo gigas) C.L. Crompton pp. 23-24.

1914V01P2 Volume I, Part 2. April 1914


Contents p. 3.

Order Picariae, sub-order Halcyones, family Alcedinidae, genus Dacelo, species Dacelo gigs pp. 5-8.

Melithreptus gularis loftyi-Southern Black-chinned Honeyeater S.A. White pp. 8-9.

Field notes on three species of Malurus (Blue Wrens) A.M. Morgan pp. 9-11.

Notes on the Southern Black-headed Minah (Myzantha melanocephala whitei) F.R. Zietz pp. 11-12.

Additions to “A list of the birds of Australia” Gregory M. Mathews pp. 12-13.

Some birds occurring at the Reedbeds, on the Adelaide plains this summer S.A. White pp. 13-15.

Notes on Platycercus (haematogaster), Gould Gregory M. Mathews pp. 15-17.

Melville Island birds F.R. Zietz pp. 17-18.

Notes from Roseworthy H.E. Laffer pp. 18-19.

Note p. 19.

1914V01P3Volume I, Part 3. July 1914

Contents p. 3.

Annual Meeting p. 5.

A sketch of the life of Samuel White- ornithologist, soldier, sailor, and explorer. [I.-The ornithologist] S.A. White pp. 6-7.

Order Passeriformes, family Meliphagidae, genus Ptilotula pp. 8-11.

Field notes on Virago castanea (Eastern Teal) and Virago gibberifrons (Grey Teal) S.A. White pp. 11-13.

Birds in a North Adelaide garden A.M. Morgan pp. 13-14.

Current observations
E. Ashby p. 15.

A.M. Morgan p. 15.

A now rare bird M. Symonds Clark p. 16.

Swift Lorikeet in South Australia p. 17.

Gang Gang Cockatoo p. 17.

The White-fronted Robin and the Flower-pecker F.R. Zietz pp. 17-18.

From G.M. Mathews, F.R.S.E. p. 18.

To the Editorial Committee
S.A. White p. 19.

To the Editors, The Emu
S.A. White pp. 19-21.

1914V01P4Volume I, Part 4. October 1914

Contents p. 3.

A sketch of the life of Samuel White- ornithologist, soldier, sailor, and explorer. [II.-The ornithologist] S.A. White pp. 5-7.

Order Passeriforines, family Laniidae, genus Gymnorhina pp. 7-11.

The birds of Kallioota A.M. Morgan pp. 11-21.

Re-appearance in South Australia of the Swift Lorikeet (Lathamus discolor tregellasi, Mathews) Edwin Ashby pp. 21-24.

Notes on some birds observed at Roseworthy College, and not usual to the locality H.E. Laffer pp. 24-25.

A long-lost bird S.A. White p. 26.

Description of some interesting birds from the Northern Territory Edwin Ashby pp. 26-27.

Current observations
“Wittunga”, Blackwood
Edwin Ashby pp. 27-28.

Birds observed in our garden at Kingswood F.R. Zietz pp. 28-29.

Blue-billed Ducks (Oxyura australis) and Freckled Ducks (Stictonetta naevosa) F.R. Zietz pp. 29-30.

The Cockatoo Parakeet (Leptolophus auricornis, Mathews; Calopsitta novaea hollandiae, Gould). To The Editorial Committee of the S.A. Ornithologist.
M. Symonds Clark p. 30.

To the Editorial Committee of the S.A. Ornithologist M. Symonds Clark p. 30.