South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 12

Volume XII, Part 1. 1st January, 1933
1933V12P1Monthly Meetings pp. 3-5.

Birds of Salt Creek district and some island-sanctuaries in the Coorong J. Sutton pp. 5-18.

Inspection of some island-sanctuaries in the Coorong J. Sutton pp. 19-28, Plates 8.

Nesting of the Gull-billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica) W. Cain pp. 28-30.

Notes from Orroroo James T. Gray p. 30.

An addition to the introduced avifauna of South Australia Dr. A.M. Morgan p. 30.

Bird notes
L. Reese pp. 31-32.

Mrs. Ronald Robertson pp. 32-33.

Volume XII, Part 2. 1st April, 1933
1933V12P2Monthly Meetings pp. 39-40.

Eudyptes pachyrhynchus, Thick-billed Penguin J. Sutton pp. 40-41, Plate IX.

Tyto alba, Barn-Owl p. 42, Plates X-XI.

Birds noted between Alice Springs and Mount Liebig, central Australia J.B. Cleland pp. 42-46.

Two strange parrots in the interior H.H. Finlayson pp. 46-48.

Central Australian notes H. Simpson pp. 48-49.

Blackwood notes Edwin Ashby pp. 49-53.

A trip to Mannahill Dr. A.M. Morgan pp. 53-55.

Birds of Yorke Peninsula D.W. Brummitt pp. 55-57.

Birds noticed around Robe in the summer, 1932-33 D.W. Brummitt pp. 57-60.

Bird notes
Dr. A.M. Morgan pp. 60-61.

Coombe district notes. 20/10/1932 Walter J. Harvey pp. 61-62.

Florieton notes. October 25, 1932 N. Hiles Pearse pp. 63-65.

B.C. Cotton p. 65.

C. Pearce p. 65.

F.E. Parsons p. 65.

S.E. Terrill p. 66.

C.H. Hayward p. 66.

J.R. Beck p. 66.

A.A. Simpson, C.M.G. p. 66.

W. Cain p. 66.

Camden swamp J. Sutton pp. 67-68.

Porzana pusilla (Little Crake) J. Sutton p. 68.

Micropus pacificus, Fork-tailed Swift [F.E. Parsons; Professor J.B. Cleland] pp. 68-69.

Cereopsis novae-hollandiae, Cape Barren Goose [C.E. Budden; J. Sutton; C. Pearce; “The Advertiser”] p. 69.

Banded Landrail (Hypotaenidia philippensis) [C.E. Budden; J.S. (J. Sutton)] pp. 69-70.

South Australian Museum notes J. Sutton pp. 71-74.

“The Nidification of birds of the Indian Empire” by E. C. Stuart Baker, C.I.E., O.B.E., F.Z.S., etc. Vol. I., Corvidae-Cinclidae
p. 74.

“Les Oiseaux de France” by A. Menegaux. Introduction a l’Etude de l’Ornithologie. Rapaces, Gallinaces, Colombins, Piciformes. Tome 1 p. 74.

Volume XII, Part 3. 1st July, 1933
1933V12P3Annual Meeting; Monthly Meetings pp. 79-80.

Obituary [Dr. W.D. MacGillivray] p. 80.

Pterodroma lessoni, White-headed Petrel J. Sutton pp. 81-82, Plate XII.

Birds observed near mouth of River Murray F.E. Parsons pp. 82-85.

Birds of the Lowbank district, S.A. Max S. Kuss pp. 85-92.

Some birds seen on a trip to the north-east A.H. Brockmeyer pp. 92-95.

A trip to Mannum D.W. Brummitt pp. 95-96.

Birds of the Orroroo district James T. Gray pp. 96-99.

Birds of the Coombe district Walter J. Harvey pp. 98-99.

Bird notes
Professor J.B. Cleland pp. 99-100.

Edwin Ashby p. 100.

B.C. Cotton pp. 100-101.

John B. Shekleton p. 101.

J. L. Stapleton p. 101.

J.R. Beck p. 101.

J. Rau p. 101.

H.H. Finlayson p. 101.

D.W. Brummitt p. 102.

E.A. Brooks p. 102.

R. Beck p. 102.

N. Hiles Pearse pp. 102-103.

L.R. Reese pp. 103-104.

Some autumn and winter visitors, 1933 [Walter J. Harvey; F.E. Parsons; L.R. Reese; J. Sutton; R. Beck; Miss Joan Cleland; Harold Wade; Dr. A.M. Morgan; J.R. Beck] pp. 104-105.

South Australian Museum notes J. Sutton pp. 106-108.

Volume XII, Part 4. 1st October 1933
1933V12P4Monthly Meetings pp. 113-114.

Puffinus tenuirostris, Short-tailed Shearwater or Petrel (Mutton-Bird) J. Sutton pp. 115-126.

Bird Notes
Coombe district notes
W.J. Harvey p. 126.

Birds of the Lowbank district Max S. Kuss p. 127.

Notes from Edward’s Creek H. Simpson pp. 128-129.

Rostratula australis, Painted Snipe James T. Gray p. 129.

Notes from Minnie Downs Station, S.A. L.R. Reese p. 130.

Species seen at Normanville. 17/9/1933 H.T. Condon p. 130.

Dr. A. Chenery pp. 130-132.

Golden Bronze Cuckoo (Lamprococcus plagosus) 20/9/1933 W.H. Langham p. 132.

Cuckoos. Some particulars taken from Dr. A.M. Morgan’s field notes p. 133.

Some recent additions to the South Australian Museum collection p. 134.

Letter from Mr. H.H. Finlayson. (Hon. Curator of Mammals, South Australian Museum). 4th October, 1933 p. 134-135.

Obituary. William David Kerr MacGillivray, 1867-1933 R.H. Pulleine pp. 136-138.

The Nidification of birds of the Indian empire. By E. Stuart Baker, C.I.E., O.B.E.,F.Z.S., etc., Volume II. Turdidae-Sturnidae
pp. 138-139.

The Magic Voice. a story of the Australian Lyre-Bird. By R. T. Littlejohns p. 139.

Volume XII, Part 5. 1st January, 1934
1934V12P5Monthly Meetings pp. 143-144.

Notes on a few of the birds seen about the River Murray. October 1933  J. Neil McGilp pp. 144-148.

Bird seen between Oodnadatta and the Musgrave Ranges, S.A. J.B. Cleland pp. 149-153.

Ornithological observations in the Sutherlands and Mount Mary District, S.A. E.F. Boehm pp. 154-160.

An unfinished history of a Willie Wagtail’s Home J. Neil McGilp pp. 160-163.

Birds of the Annandale and Sandleton districts, S.A. E.F. Boehm pp. 163-167.

The nesting of the Painted Snipe (Rostratula australis) J. Neil McGilp pp. 167-169, Plate XIII.

Eurostopodus guttatus, Spotted Nightjar J. Sutton pp. 169-170, Plate XIV.

Nesting notes in the Port Augusta district Walter Cain pp. 170-171.

A trip to the South-East of this State D.W. Brummitt pp. 172-176.

A rare cuckoo combination J. Neil McGilp pp. 176-177.

Bird notes
Bool Lagoon, S.E., S.A.
J.B. Hood pp. 177-178.

Birds seen near Swan Reach Herbert T. Condon pp. 178-179.

Orroroo district notes James T. Gray pp. 179-180.

“Mount Charlotte,” Hilltown, via Clare, notes John B. Shekleton pp. 180-181.

Worsley C. Johnston pp. 181-182.

Professor J.B. Cleland p. 182.

F.E. Parsons p. 182.

H.O. Marks p. 182.

F.B. Shoobridge p. 182.

Samuel Sanders p. 182.

A.O. Crompton p. 183.

Some recent additions to the South Australian Musuem collection p. 183.

Treecreepers. Particulars taken from Dr. A.M. Morgan’s field notes pp. 183-184.

Additional records for South Australia J. Sutton pp. 184-188.

Volume XII, Part 6. 1st April, 1934
1934V12P6Monthly Meetings p. 191.

Bird notes taken on trip to Panitya, Victoria F.E. Parsons and J. Neil McGilp pp. 192-198.

Some notes on Birds of the Nullarbor Plain H. Collins pp. 198-201.

The Baudin Rocks D.W. Brummitt pp. 202-203.

Further notes on birds of the Lowbank district Max S. Kuss pp. 204-206.

The birds in the Bool Lagoon District, S.E., S.A. J.B. Hood pp. 207-211.

Birds Notes from Macdonald Downs, 150 Miles North-East of Alice Springs, C.A. C.O. Chalmers pp. 211-214.

Birds Notes
Dr. A.S. Randell pp. 214-215.

B.C. Cotton p. 215.

Dr. J. Davidson p. 215.

A.A. Simpson, C.M.G. p. 215.

Dr. A.M. Morgan p. 215.

H.T. Condon p. 215.

Mrs. Keith Ashby p. 215.

Alfred Crompton p. 216.

N.B. Tindale pp. 216-217.

J. Neil McGilp p. 217.

J. Sutton pp. 217-219.

The Australian Silver Coinage, 2/-, 1/-, 6d., 3d. [J. Sutton] pp. 219-220.

“As the Crow Flies” [J. Sutton] p. 220.

Trachea of a Painted Snipe (Rostratula australis) [J. Sutton] pp. 220-221, Plate XV.

Some recent additions [J. Sutton] p. 221.

Volume XII, Part 7. 1st July, 1934
The hawks of South Australia (Part 1). J. Neil McGilp pp. 225-258.







Volume XII, Part 8. 1st October, 1934
1934V12P8The hawks of South Australia (Part 2). J. Neil McGilp pp. 261-292.

Errata. Vol. XII, Part 7. p. 293.