South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 16

Volume XVI, Part 1. February, 1942

Bird notes
 Encounter Bay notes J.B. Cleland

 Budgerygah (Melopsittacus undulatus) [Prof. J.B. Cleland; L.S. Francis; A.O. Crompton; S.E. Terrill; C.E. Rix; H.T. Condon; Dr. E.A. Johnson] p. 2.

 White-necked Heron (Notophoyx pacifica) J.B. Cleland p. 2.

 Horsfield Bushlark (Mirafra javanica) Dr. E. Angas Johnson p. 2.

 Horsfield Bronze Cuckoo (Chalcites basalis) Dr. E. A. Johnson p. 2.

Obituary [Hon. Sir George J.R. Murray, K.C.M.G.] p. 3.

Seed pellets of crows as food for natives H.T. Condon p. 3.

The Ground Parrot Pezoporus wallicus in South Australia H.T. Condon pp. 4-7.

Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) H.T. Condon p. 7.

Further notes on early ornithology in South Australia J.B. Cleland pp. 8-9.

Crows in South Australia Erhard F. Boehm pp. 10-11.

A teal with a broken humerus H.E. Dunstone and B. Cotton p. 11.

Volume XVI, Part 2. May, 1942

Bird Notes
J.B. Cleland p. 14.

Birds seen near Pt. MacDonnell, S.E. of South Australia H.T. Condon pp. 14, 23.

Birds of mid-Yorke Peninsula T.G. Souter pp. 15-17.

Notes on Pelicans and Musk Ducks J. Neil McGilp p. 17.

Dwarfism in the Australian Raven (Corvus coronoides) Erhard F. Boehm pp. 18-19

Birds seen on Kangaroo Island by members of the Ralph Tate Society Miss Joan Cleland pp. 19-21.

Further notes on early ornithology in South Australia, II J.B. Cleland p. 21

Some birds in south-western Australia L.S. Francis p. 22

Volume XVI, Part 3. August, 1942

Further notes on early ornithology in South and central Australia. III. – Notes on Birds in the Journal of Explorations in central Australia under the leadership of Allen A. Davidson, 1898 to 1900. S.A. Parliamentary Paper No. 27, 1905 abstracted by J.B. Cleland pp. 26, 35.

Birds of mid-Yorke Peninsula. Part II. (Continued) T.G. Souter pp. 27-30.

Bird notes
Flame Robin
Mrs. L.S. Francis; C.E. Rix p. 30.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoos C.E. Rix p. 30.

Galahs A.G. Edquist p. 30.

Reed Warbler J.B. Cleland p. 30.

Narrow-billed Bronze Cuckoo A. Crompton p. 30.

Welcome Swallows Master J. White; J.B. Cleland p. 30.

Grey Butcher Bird L.S. Francis p. 30.

Nankeen Night Herons Captain S.A. White p. 30.

Native Companion and Other Birds at Moorook [S. Sanders Jun.] p. 30.

Ryfous Whistler and Haydn’s Toy Symphony D.I. Cleland p. 30.

Birds seen on Kangaroo Island by members of the Ralph Tate Society Miss Joan Cleland pp. 31-33.

Notes on juvenile Australian Ravens (Corvus coronoides) Erhard F. Boehm p. 33.

Some birds in south-western Australia (Concluded) L.S. Francis pp. 34-35.

Volume XVI, Part 4. December, 1942

Additions and corrections to the list of the birds of South Australia H.T. Condon and J.B. Cleland pp. 36, 45.

Nesting activities and notes from the eastern portion of Kangaroo Island for the year 1939 Allen F.C. Lashmar pp. 37-40.

Additions to the birds of the Happy Valley district with a further record of Hylacola pyrrhopygia C.E. Rix pp. 40-41.

Further notes on early ornithology in South and central Australia. IV. – Notes on Birds in the Journal of Exploration by R.T. Maurice in 1901 and 1902 from Fowler’s Bay to the Rawlinson Ranges and to Cambridge Gulf abstracted by J.B. Cleland pp. 41-43.

Bird census of Alawoona district by pupils of Alawoona School, 1942 p. 43.

Bird notes
Mallee Emu Wren
N. McGilp p. 44.

Black-winged Currawongs (Strepera melanoptera) A.O. Crompton p. 44.

Pelicans A.G. Edquist p. 44.

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike J.B. Cleland p. 44.

Welcome Swallows p. 44.

Age of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos p. 44.

Birds at Salisbury A.O. Crompton p. 44.

Crested Terns at Glenelg A.G. Edquist p. 44.

Tree Swallows nesting in the City of Adelaide C.E. Rix p. 44.

Black-chinned Honeyeater in Adelaide suburb S.E. Terrill p. 44.

English Starlings eating olives Oliver Fuller p. 44.

Mistletoe Bird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum) Oliver Fuller p. 44.

Nankeen Kestrels nesting in the City of Adelaide Oliver Fuller p. 44.

Blackbirds eating vine moths Oliver Fuller p. 44.

Volume XVI, Part 5. March, 1943

Bird notes
Hybrid offspring of a Singing Honeyeater (Meliphaga virescens)
S.E. Terrill p. 1.

Black-throated (Little) Grebe nesting S.E. Terrill p. 1.

Black-fronted Dotterels Captain S.A. White; Oliver Fuller p. 1.

Barn Owls and Boobook Owls Master John White p. 1.

Pratincoles at Mallala Oliver Fuller p. 1.

Birds at Port Noarlunga C.E. Rix p. 1.

Kestrels C.E. Rix p. 1.

Black Falcon J.N. McGilp p. 1.

Lalage tricolor J.B. Cleland p. 1.

Galahs and Topknot Pigeons in the National Park p. 1.

Birds eating butterflies H.W. Simmonds p. 1.

Black-and-white Fantail capturing a mosquito J.B. Cleland p. 1.

The Murray Mallee and its birds J. Neil McGilp pp. 2-4.

Meliphaga plumula (Yellow-fronted Honey-eater) J. Neil McGilp pp. 4-5.

Birds of the Katherine River District, Northern Territory pp. 5-8.

A Southern record of the Gibber-bird (Ashbyia lovensis) E.F. Boehm p. 8.

What is a sight record? J. Neil McGilp p. 9.

Notes on Western Australian birds in the journal of the Elder Exploring Expedition, 1891-2 abstracted by J.B. Cleland p. 10.

Volume XVI, Parts 6-8, September, 1943

Bird notes
Silver Gulls in Adelaide J.B. Cleland p. 56.

Welcome Swallows J.B. Cleland p. 56.

Brown Bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) O. Fuller p. 56.

Mountain Ducks and Banded Plovers J.N. McGilp. 56.

White-headed Stilts J.B. Cleland p. 56.

Peaceful Doves at Salisbury A.O. Crompton p. 56.

Wedge-tailed Eagle near Adelaide O. Fuller p. 56.

Boobook Owls O. Fuller and J.B. Cleland p. 56.

Flame Robins J.B. Cleland; C.E. Rix p. 56.

Cuckoos J.B. Cleland; J.N. McGilp; C.E. Rix; S.E. Terrill; John White p. 56.

Bald Coots, Cape Barren Geese, egret and bitterns J.N. McGilp and O. Fuller; O. Fuller p. 56.

Black-breasted Buzzards near Adelaide John White p. 56.

White Egret and Spotless Crake at Noarlunga C.E. Rix p. 56.

Swift Parrots at Morialta John White p. 56.

Welcome Swallows S.A. White p. 56.

Puffinus tenuirostris, Short-tailed Shearwater or Petrel (Mutton Bird) pp. 56, 81.

A review of the birds between the Mt. Lofty Ranges and the River Murray – A site for a real sanctuary. C.E. Rix pp. 57-78.

List of the birds of South Australia J. Neil McGilp pp. 78-79.

Notes on Little Crows (Corvus bennetti) Erhard F. Boehm p. 79.

Notes of Alawoona School District as recorded by the children (commentary by J. Neil McGilp) pp. 79-81.