South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 21

1953V21P1Volume 21, Part 1. May 29, 1953

List of Members  pp. 2-5.

Notes on Spotless Crake (Porzana plumbea)   H.J. Morton p. 5.

Further remarks on the Cracticidae  H.J. Morton pp. 6-7.

Notes on Black-capped Sitella  J. Neil McGilp pp. 8-10.

Cassowary-horn native ornament from Arnhem Land  Norman B. Tindale p. 11.

Pomatorhine Skua in St. Vincent’s Gulf  J.A.R. Miles p. 12.

Peregrine Falcon on Kangaroo Island  J.A.R. Miles  p. 12.

Bird notes  Brian Glover p. 12.

1954V21P2-3Volume 21, Parts 2-3, June 25, 1954

Obituary – Samuel Ernest Terrill (1876-1953)  C.E. Rix p. 14.

Mid-northern bird observations  Brian Glover and R. Schodde pp. 15-17.

Remarks on the evolution of Australian birds  H.T. Condon pp. 17-27.

Longevity of Silver Gull  Mrs F.A. Haines p. 27.

Status of the Yellow Rosella  Erhard F. Boehm p. 28.

Feeding habit of the Black-winged Currawong  J. Neil McGilp p. 29.

White phase of the Giant Petrel in South Australia  H.T. Condon p. 29.

Bird notes and observations  G.B. Ragless p. 30.

Bird observations in the south-east and elsewhere  Brian Glover pp. 31-32.

1954V21P4Volume 21, Part 4. September 30, 1954

Bird maps – I  H.T. Condon pp. 40-44.

Bird notes  p. 44.

Occurrence of the Arctic Tern in South Australia  W.B. Hitchcock pp. 45-46.

Migration of some South Australian birds  E.F. Boehm pp. 46-48.

The Black Falcon and other birds of prey at Mulgundawa, S.A.  H.J. Morton pp. 48-49.

Kerguelen Petrel Pterodroma brevirostris Auctt.  H.T. Condon pp. 49-50.

1955V21P5Volume 21, Part 5. April 6, 1955

Acuteness of hearing in birds  A.G. Edquist p. 52.

Whistling Eagles in western Bass Strait  R.F. Brown p. 52.

Bird notes  p. 52.

Some habits of Crested Pigeons  E.F. Boehm p. 53.

Bird notes  p. 53.

Some recent petrel records  Brian Glover p. 54.

Fork-tailed Swifts at Encounter Bay  J.B. Cleland p. 54.

Kookaburras in the Flinders Ranges  H.M. Cooper p. 54.

Migratory waders, 1953-54  Brian Glover p. 55.

Notes from Wilmington  T. Brandon p. 55.

Bird notes  p. 55.

Identification of crows  Brian Glover and R. Schodde pp. 56-58.

Bird maps – II  H.T. Condon pp. 58-59.

Birds in the Flinders Ranges  A. Jeffery pp. 59-62.

Bird notes (held over from previous issue  p. 62.

National Park excursion, July 15, 1954  R. Schodde p. 62.

Volume 21, Parts 6-7, July 29, 1955

Annual general meeting  pp. 64-65.

Excursion to Moorook  R. Schodde and Brian Glover pp. 65-72.

The call of the Tawny Frogmouth  G.B. Ragless p. 73.

A kingfisher’s home  G.B. Ragless p. 73.

Aboriginal bird names – South Australia Part One  H.T. Condon pp. 74-88.

Volume 21, Part 8. October, 1955

Aboriginal bird names – South Australia Part Two  H.T. Condon pp. 91-98.

Critical aspects of bird conservation of South Australia  E.F. Boehm pp. 98-100.