South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 25

1968V25P1Volume 25, Part 1. March 1968

Distribution of Australian Psittacines (Order Psittaciformes: Parrots, Cockatoos, etc Alan Lendon pp. 3-17.

Book reviews
A pocket list of Australian birds compiled by Peter Fullagar reviewed by B. G. [Brian Glover] p. 17.

Waterfowl in Australia H. J. Frith reviewed by C. R. Jenkin pp. 17, 22.

The Bridled Tern breeding in South Australia Mark Bonnin pp. 18, 22, 24.

The Pink and Rose Robins in South Australia Joan Paton, David Paton and Max Waterman pp. 2, 19-20, 22.

The Black-faced Cormorant breeding at Outer Harbor Max Waterman p. 23.

The Terek Sandpiper. A confirmed S.A. record Muriel R. Daley pp. 23, 2.

Volume 25, Part 2. September 1968



White-throated Warbler near Adelaide Brian Glover p. 26.

Bird report, 1966-67 introduction by Brian Glover pp. 27-45.

Galahs on offshore islands Peter Shaughnessey p. 45.

Apostle Birds at Sandy Creek Harold Crouch p. 45.

The Terek Sandpiper in South Australia John Eckert pp. 46, 56.

Food of the Glossy Black-Cockatoo J. B. Cleland and E. B. Sims pp. 47, 52.

Plumage variation and feeding of the Ringneck Parrots of the northern Flinders Ranges R. W. & M. J. Collier and M. D. Cooper pp. 48, 50

The Baudin Rocks – a further report Mark Bonnin pp. 49-50

Some observations on duetting in Magpie-Larks Judith Sykes and Alan Butler pp. 51, 52.

Meliphagids and lorikeets nectar-feeding in the Mount Lofty Ranges Allen Keast p. 52.

A tribute to two late members. Alfred George Edquist 1873-1966 J. B. Cleland p. 53. J. Neil McGilp, O.B.E. 1881-1963. G. B. Ragless pp. 53-54.

The Masked Gannet. A sight record from Granite Island, S.A. F. W. C. van Gessell p. 55.

Olive stones, starlings and foxes J. B. Cleland p. 55.

Use of animate perches by Silver Gull Brian Glover p. 56.

Rose Robin at Belair National Park Brian Glover p. 56.

Book review
Nature walkabout Vincent Serventy
reviewed by Brian Glover p. 56.

Volume 25, Part 3. March 1969



Ground Thrush in the Flinders Ranges Brian Glover p. 58.

A handlist of the birds of South Australia Ed. [Brian Glover p. 58]

Invasion by Crimson Chats [Ed. Brian Glover] p. 58.

New and interesting distribution records of central Australian birds Shane Parker pp. 59-71.

Bird report, 1967-68 compiled by Brian Glover pp. 72-84.


Volume 25, Part 4. September 1969

The Common Tern in South Australia John Eckert pp. 87-89.

Psittacines of southern Queensland Lloyd Nielsen pp. 89-93.

Distributional notes on some South Australian birds Julian Ford pp. 93-94.

Gullible pelicans? Brian Glover p. 94.

The colour of the soft parts of Australian egrets K.A. Hindwood, R. Grieves and L. Holland pp. 95-97.

Nests and eggs of the Chestnut-breasted Whiteface G. B. Ragless pp. 98-99.

Distribution and taxonomic notes on some parrots from Western Australia Julian Ford pp. 99-105.

Lorikeets and the flowering of eucalypts J. B. Cleland pp. 106-107.

Frank Elliot Parsons, 1882-1968 G. B. Ragless pp. 107-108.

Bird report, 1967-68. Contd. from p. 84 of previous issue [compiled by Brian Glover] pp. 108-109.

Notes on Wilson Storm Petrel John Eckert p. 110

Bridal Creeper (Asparagus medeoloides) and its spread by birds J. B. Cleland p. 110

Book reviews
Bird and animal calls of Australia reviewed by B. G. [Brian Glover] p. 111.

Nightwatchmen of bush and plain David Fleay reviewed by C. R. Jenkin p. 111.

Australian flycatchers and their allies Brigadier Hugh R. Officer reviewed by B. G. [Brian Glover] p. 111.

Pine seeds distributed by birds J. B. Cleland p. 112.

Volume 25, Part 5. March 1970

Harrier identification J. B. Cox p. 114.

Critical notes on the status of some Northern Territory birds Shane A. Parker pp. 115-125.

The significance of swifts in the Great Australian Bight J. B. Cleland pp. 125, 142.

Birds of the north-east of South Australia K. J. Mack pp. 126-141.

An extension of the geographic and breeding range of the Little Tern John Eckert pp. 142-144.

Volume 25, Part 6. June 1970

Birds of the Northern Territory C. E. Rix pp. 146-191.

Volume 25, Part 7. September 1970

Pied Honeyeater near Mannum J. B. Cox p. 194.

A sight record of the Painted Honeyeater (Grantiella picta) A. H. Lendon p. 194.

The Olive-backed Oriole in South Australia H. W. Crouch pp. 195-200

Birds of the Investigator Group with special reference to Flinders Island John Eckert pp. 201-205.

The eye colouring of Australian Corvidae Sir John Cleland, Derek Goodwin p. 206.

Notes on the Little Quail D. N. Kraehenbuehl pp. 207-208.

The Night Parrot Brian Powell p. 208.; Additional notes J.B. Paton pp. 208-209.

Book reviews
Australian native gardens and birds Barbara Salter
reviewed by B. G. [Brian Glover] p. 209.

Common Australian birds Alan Bell, illustrated by Shirley Bell reviewed by B. G. [Brian Glover]p. 209.

Rehabilitation of injured Curlew Sandpiper Pauline Reilly pp. 210-212.

On the spread of pines and Bridal Creeper by birds A. R. Attiwill p. 212.

Notes on the Pink and Rose Robins in South Australia J. B.Paton pp. 213-214.

Notes on Wilson’s Storm Petrel Nils Swanson p. 214.

Obituary Frank Angel, 1876-1969 G. B. Ragless p. 215.

Book review
Australian warblers Arnold R. McGill
reviewed by B. G. [Brian Glover] p. 215.

Olive-backed Orioles near Lyndoch E. L. and M. J. Arthur p. 216.

Volume 25, Part 8. March 1971

Bird report, 1968-69 compiled by Brian Glover pp. 219-233.

The Little Whimbrel (Numenius minutus) at St. Kilda Mark Bonnin p. 233.

The Cortlinye Water Reserve Gordon Lieblich pp. 234-235.

An inland lagoon K. J. Mack and D.M. Cornish pp. 236-237.

Extension of Red-breasted Babbler’s range R. F. Brown p. 237.

Some observations on the Rufous Songlark Gordon Clarke pp. 238-240

Some unusual wader records Alan Lendon pp. 240-241.

The Broad-billed Sandpiper: a South Australian record John Eckert pp. 241-242.

Extension of the Mountain Duck’s range T. W. Green p. 242.