South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 29

Index to Volume 29. 


1982V29P1Volume 29, Part 1. September 1982

Northern records of the Painted Button-Quail in South Australia Lynn Pedler pp. 1-4.

Remarks on the status of the Painted, Little and Red-chested Button-Quail in the south-east of South Australia J.M. Bourne pp. 5-6.

Birds sheltering in the burrows of mammals during a heat wave R. Attwood pp. 7-9.

Female Leaden Flycatcher in the Aldinga Scrub C.B. Ashton & E.M. Ashton p. 10.

Further breeding of the White-throated Gerygone in the Aldinga Scrub C.B. Ashton & E.M. Ashton pp. 11-12.

Bird note
Striated Thornbills dew-bathing on the ground
Penny Paton p. 12.

Notes on Amytornis striatus merrotsyi Mellor, a subspecies of the Striated Grasswren inhabiting the Flinders Ranges S.A. Parker pp. 13-16.

Notes on a nesting colony of the Black-faced Shag Roger Angove p. 16.

Remarks on the tympanic cavity of Malurus, Stipiturus and Amytornis (Passeriformes, Maluridae) S.A. Parker pp. 17-22.

Further sightings of the Southern Emu-Wren from Eyre Peninsula T.D. Morgan p. 22.

The Baudin Rocks, 1968-1972 Mark Bonnin pp. 23-24.

A sighting of the Dollarbird in the Northern Flinders Ranges P.E. Hornsby pp. 24-25.

Striated Grasswrens in atypical habitat John Eckert p. 25.

A further sighting of the White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike in the Upper Murray R.P. Jaensch p. 26.

Red-lored Whistler on Calperum Station, northern Murray mallee L.P. Pedler p. 26.

Book review
Handlist of birds of New South Wales by Alan K. Morris, A.R. McGill and Glenn Holmes
reviewed by Julian Reid pp. 27-28.

Birds of prey of the world by Friedhelm Weick in collaboration with Leslie Brown reviewed by Tim Fraser p. 28.


1983V29P2Volume 29, Part 2. March 1983

Waders in northern South Australia F.J. Badman & I.A. May pp. 29-39.

Birds of Waite arboretum: 1972-1981 J. Saunders pp. 40-41.

The Yellow Chat Ephthianura crocea at Pandiburra Bore, north-eastern South Australia A.B. Black, G. Duggan, J.A. Pedler & L.P. Pedler pp. 42-45.

A Black-faced Woodswallow near Cromer in the Mount Lofty Ranges Nicholas Reid p. 45.

Further notes on birds of the Gawler Ranges Leo Joseph and Andrew Black pp. 46-54.

A sighting of Square-tailed Kites at Nullarbor, South Australia C.B. Ashton & E.M. Ashton p. 54.

Square-tailed Kites nesting on the Upper Murray River in South Australia Tim Fraser p. 55.

Unusual honeyeaters in the Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia, 1981-1982 David Paton, Julian Reid and Tom Bradley p. 56.


1983V29P3Volume 29, Part 3. September 1983

White’s Thrush: Some aspects of it’s ecology and feeding behaviour J.S.L. Edington pp. 57-59.

Seasonal occurence of the Mistletoebird in inner north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide Nick Reid pp. 60-63.

A breeding record and notes on other sight records of the Plumed Whistling-Duck in the far north-east of South Australia Lindsay Cupper p. 64.

Remarks on the taxonomy of the genus Calamanthus (Fieldwrens) S.A. Parker and H. John Eckert pp. 65-71.

Black-faced Woodswallows on Kangaroo Island C.I. Baxter p. 72.

Australian Pratincoles near Bool Lagoon Roger Jaensch p. 72.

A recent record of Little Lorikeets in the south-east Andrew McIntyre p. 73.

Addenda and corrigenda p. 73.

Bird notes
Extension of range of the Ground Cuckoo-Shrike
E.F. Boehm p. 74.

Pied Butcherbirds at Leigh Creek Lorraine Woolford p. 74.

Unusual behaviour of Bourke’s Parrots C. Chesson p. 74.

Book reviews
Estimating numbers of terrestrial birds by C.J. Ralph and J.M. Scott
reviewed by Kath Shurcliff p. 75

Pigeons and doves of Australia by H.J. Frith reviewed by Penny Paton, Leo Joseph pp. 75-76

The wrens & warblers of Australia edited by Vincent Serventy, A.R. McGill, John Pringle and T.R.Lindsey reviewed by Lynn Pedler, Leo Joseph pp. 76-77.

The fairy-wrens. A monograph of the Maluridae by Richard Schodde, illustrated by Richard Weatherly reviewed by Nick Reid pp. 77-80.


1984V29P4Volume 29, Part 4. March 1984

Birds of the north-west of South Australia D.H. Close and R.P. Jaensch pp. 81-99.

Bird notes
Silver Gull attempting to swallow a snake
C.B. Ashton p. 99.

A probable record of a Plains Wanderer near Rudall, Eyre Peninsula Trevor Cox p. 99.

Erratum p. 99.

New records of Rose Robins in South Australia, with comments on plumage and previous reports of Rose and Pink Robins Nick Reid, Terence Lindsey, Graham Carpenter, David Harper & Rob Kernot pp. 100-105.

Further records of the Oriental Plover and a reassessment of some problems in field identification Niven McRie pp. 106-107.

Breeding of the Funereal Cockatoo in Cleland Conservation Park R.J. Whatmough p. 108.


1984V29P5-6Volume 29, Parts 5 & 6. August 1984

Remarks on some results of John Gould’s visit to South Australia S.A. Parker pp. 109-112.

The brooding of Dusky Woodswallow nestlings by New Holland Honeyeaters John Bransbury p. 112.

Royal (Macaroni) Penguin at Robe Nick Reid pp. 113-115.

A Redshank in South Australia F.A.G. Day pp. 115-117.

First record of the Square-tailed Kite in the south-east of South Australia J.R.W. Reid p. 118.

Bird note
An Olive-backed Oriole in north-eastern South Australia
Lynn P. Pedler p. 118.

Bourke’s Parrot in the Gawler Ranges Leo Joseph p. 119.

Book review
Seabirds: an identification guide by Peter Harrison
reviewed by John Hatch pp. 119-120.

Bird report, 1977-1981 John Bransbury pp. 121-169.


1985V29P7Volume 29, Part 7. March 1985

The birds of the Aldinga-Sellicks Beach scrub C.B. Ashton pp. 169-179.

Bird note
A Flame Robin near Laura
Lynn P. Pedler p. 179.

Waders of littoral habitats in south-eastern South Australia John Bransbury pp. 180-187.

Bird note
A recent sighting and evidence of breeding of Red-whiskered Bulbuls
D.P. Barrington p. 187.

The occurrence of Lewin’s Rail on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia Shane A. Parker p. 188.

The Red-whiskered Bulbul in South Australia J.B. Paton pp. 189-190.

Nematodes (Ascaridia species) from some captive parrots and feral pigeons Patricia M. Mawson pp. 190-191.

The Peach-faced Lovebird in South Australia J.B. Paton and B.M. Pollard p. 192.

The Barbary Dove in South Australia J.B. Paton and D. Barrington pp. 193-194.

Bird notes
Behaviour of Red-necked Avocets in strong wind
Cynthia Burnett p. 194.

Penguin deaths in the south-east of South Australia L. Delroy p. 194.

Book reviews
The atlas of Australian birds by M. Blakers, S.J.J.F. Davies and P.N. Reilly
reviewed by Ian J. Mason pp. 195-196.

Birds of the Pilbara region, western Australia by G.M. Storr reviewed by J.A. McNamara p. 196.


1975V29P8Volume 29, Part 8. September 1985

Distribution of the Long-billed Corella in South Australia W.B. Emison and C.M. Beardsell pp. 197-205.

The Little Corella in the south-east of South Australia C.M. Beardsell and W.B. Emison pp. 206-207.

Another breeding colony of the Glossy Ibis of South Australia R.P. Jaensch and C. Auricht p. 208.

Concentrations of rare waterbirds at Bool Lagoon R.P. Jaensch pp. 209-211.

Bird note
Exotic plants used by Yellow-faced Honeyeaters for nest sites
G.B. Ragless p. 211.

First record of the Slender-billed Thornbill from the south-east of South Australia S.A. Parker p. 211.

Colours and markings of the mouths of nestling Australian songbirds Walter E. Boles and N.W. Longmore pp. 213-219.

Sighting of a Painted Honeyeater in South Australia’s lower north Ken Woodcock p. 220.

Generic allocation of the Tawny-crowned Honeyeater Walter E. Boles and N.W. Longmore pp. 221-223.

Bird note
Galah deaths in Adelaide
L. Delroy p. 223.

Bird note
First specimen record of the White-chinned Petrel for South Australia
A.F.C. Lashmar, G.P. Jackson p. 224.

Book reviews
The birds of Australia – a book of identification edited by Ken Simpson, illustrated by Nicholas Day
reviewed by Leo Joseph, Roger Jaensch pp. 224-226.

Revised list of Queensland birds by G.M. Storr reviewed by Leo Joseph pp. 227-228.

North’s nest and eggs of Australian birds. A life history of our birds. reviewed by Penny Paton p. 228.