South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 35

Index to Volume 35. 


Volume 35, Parts 1 & 2. December 2006


Distribution of the Black-Chinned Honeyeater Melithreptus gularis and Chestnut-rumped Heathwren Hylacola pyrrhopygius in the south east of South Australia  B. Haywood. pp. 1-14.  

Bird Report, 2003  C. Rogers. pp. 15-26.  

The birds of Bulgunnia and Mulyungarie Stations in the pastoral zone of arid South Australia  S.J.S. Debus, G. Lollback, D.L. Oliver and S.C. Cairns. pp. 27-37.  

Status and distribution of the Wedge-tailed Eagle on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, in 2005   T.E. Dennis. pp. 38-46.  

The status of the White-bellied Sea-Eagle and Osprey on Kangaroo Island in 2005  T.E. Dennis and C.I. Baxter. pp. 47-51.  

Bird Notes
Expansion of range by the Pied Butcherbird in South Australia
  J. Eckert. pp. 52-56.  

Status of the Pied Butcherbird in the lower north east (Olary Plains) of South Australia  A.B. Black. pp. 57-58.  

Pied Butcherbirds in the near north west of South Australia  J. Reid. pp. 59-63.  

Ibis on western Eyre Peninsula  J. Eckert and R. Sim. pp. 63-64.  

Notes on Neophemas on Yorke Peninsula  J. Eckert. pp. 65-67.  

Attempted kleptoparasitism by White-bellied Sea-eagles on Fur Seal  T.E. Dennis and R. Brittain. p. 68. 

Volume 35, Parts 3 & 4. April 2008


Species richness and abundance of Birds in Mt Lofty Ranges gum woodland habitat: Year 2000 survey  Maxwell L. Possingham and Hugh P. Possingham. pp. 69-85.  

Bird report, 2004  Colin Rogers. pp. 86-95.  

Additions to the Kangaroo Island avifauna  Chris Baxter and Philippa Horton. pp. 96- 103.  

Bird Notes
Varied Lorikeets in the far north east: a new species for South Australia  Julian Reid. pp. 104-106.  

Breeding and observed habitat preference of the Scarlet-chested Parrot Neophema splendida in the Yumbarra Conservation Park.    Colin Rogers and David Close. pp. 107-108.  

Corrigenda   p. 106. 

Volume 35, Parts 5-6.  December 2008



Editorial  John Hatch, Jeremy Robertson and Colin Rogers. p. 109.  

Malleefowl, Leipoa ocellata, mound productivity in three regions of South Australia following a low rainfall year  Sharon D. Gillam. pp. 110-123. 

Waterbirds in the heart of the Murray Mallee  John Eckert. pp. 124-131.  

Bird report 2005  Colin Rogers. pp. 132-144.  

Obituary: John Eckert. 11 February 1932 to 21 June 2008. Farmer, naturalist, ornithologist, conservationist, community leader  Andrew Black and Philippa Horton. pp. 145- 149.  

Bird Notes
A recent record of the Plains-wanderer from near Swan Reach, South Australia  Carl R. Gosper and Tanya M. Llorens. pp. 150-152.  

Rose Robin at Wirrabara Forest  Graham A. Carpenter. pp. 152-153.  

Nesting of the Scarlet Robin on Yorke Peninsula  Graham A. Carpenter. pp. 153-154.  

Book reviews
Feathered dinosaurs: The origin of birds. John Long & Peter Schouten 2008  reviewed by Jeremy Robertson. pp. 155-156.  

Albatrosses. Terence Lindsey 2008  reviewed by Neil Cheshire. pp. 156-157.  

Bowerbirds. Peter Rowland 2008  reviewed by John Hatch. pp. 158-159.  

Shorebirds of Australia. Andrew Geering, Lindsay Agnew And Sandra Harding 2007 reviewed by Colin Rogers. pp. 159-160.  

Volume 35, Part 7.  December 2009


Distribution and habitats of the Thick-billed Grasswren, Amytornis textilis, subspecies myall  Andrew Black, Graham Carpenter and Lynn Pedler. pp. 161-177.  

Bird Report 2006  Colin Rogers. pp. 178-191.  

Obituary: Brian Glover  Richard Schodde. pp. 192-195.  

Bird Notes
Coastal birds of the far west of South Australia  Graham Carpenter. pp. 196-198.  

Further notes on mallee birds of the far south-west of South Australia  Graham Carpenter. pp. 199-202.  

Book Reviews
Albatrosses their world their ways. Tui De Roy, Mark Jones And Julian Fitter 2009.  John Hatch. pp. 203-204.  

Mound-builders. Darryl Jones & Ann Göth  Sharon Gillam. pp. 204- 206.  

Boom & bust: Bird stories for a dry country. Libby Robin, Robert Heinsohn, Leo Joseph (editors) 2009  Rod Attwood pp. 206-208.  

Volume 35, Part 8. June 2010



Antarctic Terns, Sterna vittata on Kangaroo Island, South Australia with an analysis of their possible race and origin  Chris Baxter. pp. 209-222.  

Recent honeyeater migration in southern Australia  Bryan T. Haywood. pp. 223-230.  

The date of Latham’s Supplementum Indicis Ornithologici: 1801 or 1802?  Richard Schodde, Edward C. Dickinson, Frank D. Steinheimer and Walter J. Bock. pp. 231-235.  

Bird report 2007  Colin Rogers. pp. 236-248.  

Obituary: Harold Walter Crouch  David Robertson. pp. 249-250.  

Bird Notes
An invasion of Black-tailed Native-hens revisited
  Bill Matheson. pp. 251-253.  

Book Reviews
What after Christidis and Boles? An extended review of Systematics and taxonomy of Australian birds by Les Christidis and Walter E. Boles
  Andrew Black. pp. 254-260.  

Michael Huxley – birdwatcher and cinematographer  pp. 251-265.  

Errata  p. 266.