South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 39

Index to Volume 39. 


Volume 39, Part 1, September 2013  



Some aspects of Hooded Plover behaviour and ecology based on a colour-banding study on Kangaroo Island  T.E. Dennis and D.M. Ball. pp. 1-17.  

Birds of the Hundred of Encounter Bay listed by John W Crompton from 1909 to 1925  Penny Paton and John Cromton. pp. 18-35.

Bird notes
Observations of Brown Quail on Point Sturt Peninsula, Lake Alexandrina  
Nathaniel Doecke. pp. 36-38.

Eastern distributional limit of the Western population of the Blue-breasted Fairy-wren Michael and Lesley Brooker. pp. 39-40.

Book Reviews
The field guide to the birds of Australia. 9th ed. Graham Pizzey and Frank Knight, edited by Sarah Pizzey 
David Kowalick. p. 41.  

Australian bird names: a complete guide. Ian Fraser and Jeannie Gray  Merilyn Browne. pp. 42.  

Volume 39, Part 2. February 2014 2014V39P2


Identification of prions (Procellariidae: Pachyptila) in South Australian waters  Colin Rogers. pp. 45-57.  

Arrival dates of migrant bush birds in the Strathalbyn district: a 45-year collaborative study  John Eckert, Andrew Black and Graham Carpenter. pp. 58-73.  

New records of the Eastern Grass Owl, Tyto longimembris, in South Australia  Reece D. Pedler and Ben J. Parkhurst. pp. 74-82.  

Bird notes
The first specimen record of Short-tailed Grasswren, Amytornis merrotsyi Mellor, 1913 (Maluridae)  
Andrew Black. pp. 83-86.  

Hybrid Fairywren at Hart Lagoon, River Murray, South Australia  Peter Haines. pp. 87-89.  

Book Reviews
Grassfinches in Australia. Joseph M. Forshaw and Mark Shephard  
Jeremy Robertson. pp. 90-92.