Bird Lists


These bird lists have been compiled from the following resources – Australian Living Atlas (ALA), Birdline South Australia, Birds SA, Biological Databases of South Australia (BDBSA) and Naturemaps.

New Bird Lists show the season i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter each species has been recorded. If this is blank it most likely reflects an historic record.

Please send your completed bird lists to so that they can be updated.

Bird lists for each site can be found under the relevant Birds SA Region as shown on the map below. New bird lists are pdf’s whereas older lists (in italics) are word documents.


      (AP)    Adelaide Plains
      (EP)    Eyre Peninsula
      (FR)    Flinders Ranges
      (KI)     Kangaroo Island
      (LN)    Lower North
      (LNE)  Lower North-East
      (MN)   Mid North
      (MLR) Mount Lofty Ranges
      (MM)   Murray Mallee
      (NE)    North-East
      (NW)   North-West
      (YP)     Yorke Peninsula
      (O)       Offshore
      (MO)   Marine Offshore


The Department for Environment and Water now requires us to provide sightings down to subspecies level where possible.

The Adelaide Plains / Mount Lofty Ranges Trip List is a simplified list of birds found across these regions. It does not include rarities and most seabirds.

Lists for other regions will be added later.

For a complete list refer to Horton, P., Blaylock, B. and Black, A. (2020). Annotated List of the Birds of South Australia#5.1.

Updated: 17/08/2021