Following the successful reception of our pilot series of webinars, we are going to make them a regular feature.

We are aiming for around two per month, probably excluding Xmas and January. We are going to expand the theme beyond purely Bird Identification to also include some more general birding topics, with the dual aim of educating and entertaining.

We will also try to provide a mix of information aimed sometimes at our beginner / intermediate members and sometimes more specialised / advanced. Something for everyone!

Timings will continue to normally be Wednesdays from 19:00 – 20:00.

We will continue to use the Zoom webinar platform – a help sheet is referenced below. We will make them as interactive as possible so that members can ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

We will record each webinar and make them available for download – see below.

We need to know the attendee numbers in order to correctly size the webinar. So if you would like to attend, please register in advance by clicking on the relevant registration hyperlinks in the programme schedule below.

Once registered, you will receive another email with the hyperlink for you to use on the day to join the Webinar.
When you click on this hyperlink it will open up a web browser on your PC to enable you to join the Webinar.

Please note that we have produced a step-by-step pictorial technical guide.

More information can also be found here on the Zoom website.


Date / TimePresenterTopicCommentsRegistration
9/09/2020Sally GrundyBirds of Mundoo IslandSally's family have a farm on Mundoo Island in the Coorong. Sally is an avid photographer and has captured many interesting birds in this Ramsar site.Click here
16/09/2020John HatchSwallows and Martins of South AustraliaJohn is Vice President and has been a member of Birds SA for more than 50 years! He will introduce us to 4 species swallows and martins that we can find in SA.Click here
7/10/2020Jeremy RobertsonSmart BirdsJeremy is an ex President of Birds SA and lecturer in Animal Biology at Flinders University. Jeremy will talk about how smart some birds are.Click here
21/10/2020John GitshamDucksJohn is President of Birds SA, and currently an environmental Ranger in the Coorong. He will tell us about ducks and how to identify some common species.Click here


24/06/2020Colin Rogers Shore Birds
8/07/2020Davide GaglioTerns
16/07/2020Merilyn BrowneParrots

Any queries, comments or suggestions please contact Steven Langley

Updated: 2/09/2020