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An exquisite flash of colour, a beautiful song, a fleeting encounter with a tiny jewel, a momentary escape into nature; just a few of the many things that everyone can enjoy simply by learning to see, and hear, the birds that are all around us.

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Black-shouldered Kite

Black-shouldered Kites are commonly seen hovering over open areas. The pure white tail lacks the dark band found on the other common hovering bird of prey, the Nankeen Kestrel. The Black-shouldered Kite is one of four very similar species in the genus Elanus found throughout the tropic and semi-tropics, although only the Letter-winged Kite (E. scriptus) is also found in Australia. Their prey is mainly small rodents but also take other small vertebrates (reptiles and birds) and large insects such as grasshoppers. They hunt mainly by hovering and then dropping…

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Found an injured or sick bird?

Please contact:
Fauna Rescue SA
(08) 8289 0896 - 24hr Hotline
or your local Vet.


If you find an uninjured bird on the ground?

Leave the bird alone as the adults will be around to feed it.


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    BIRDS SA have booked the University of Adelaide AHMS G030 Lecture Theatre, North Terrace (Next to the SAMRI “Cheese Grater” building) for our first return GENERAL MEETING for Friday 29th January 2021, 7pm to 10pm. It will be a Members night with various speakers!
    Under Covid safe rules, AHMS Building seats up to 120 people for us and more, the Waite institute still had strict Covid rules and will not hold enough members for a meeting.
    The AHMS building is located next to SAMRI (the cheese grater) and not far from the Convention Centre in North Terrace.
    • Venue located on the ground floor through the main entrance of the building
    • Covid Marshalls registered and ‘meet and greet’ in foyer
    • Covid safe seating for all
    • Security pass arranged to have after hours access for meeting
    • unfortunately we cannot have any catering or alcohol at this stage.
    • Parking available for 3.5 hours at RAH ($22), Convention Centre ($16), City West Car Park ($6), Montefiore Road Car Park is free.
  • NOW ONLINE: Horton, P., Blaylock, B. and Black, A. (2020). Annotated List of the Birds of South Australia. Fifth edition. Version 5.1.

  • An updated version of the 5th Edition of A Field List of the Birds of South Australia is now available online

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  • Important Notice: There is no birding access to Dry Creek or Price Salt fields until further notice.

  • At last maps showing the distribution of South Australian Non Passerines are now available.