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An exquisite flash of colour, a beautiful song, a fleeting encounter with a tiny jewel, a momentary escape into nature; just a few of the many things that everyone can enjoy simply by learning to see, and hear, the birds that are all around us.

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Fledglings bird banding days are back!

Do you know a young “fledgling” who is enthralled by our native feathered friends? Birds SA and BioR are inviting young people to get involved in our annual bird banding activities at Frahns Farm, Monarto.  It’s a great chance to see how wildlife research is done and see our gems of the bush up close (you know what they say…

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Field List #5.0

The new 5th Edition of A Field List of the Birds of South Australia is now available online. 

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  • Important notice: There will be no access to either Dry Creek or  Price Salt Fields until further notice.

Black Falcon

Black Falcons are very dark, nomadic raptors and often associated with the sparsely treed plains of inland Australia, although they also frequent farmland in South Australia. They are usually seen alone, or in pairs. Black Falcons prey on mammals (rats and rabbits), birds (particularly ground birds such as quail, pipits and larks), large insects, and carrion. They will also take reptiles. They use a variety of hunting techniques: low, fast flight along watercourses or drainage lines, slow quartering, high soaring, or still hunting from a perch. Prey may be seized…

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