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An exquisite flash of colour, a beautiful song, a fleeting encounter with a tiny jewel, a momentary escape into nature; just a few of the many things that everyone can enjoy simply by learning to see, and hear, the birds that are all around us.

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  • Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park (MLR) 46 km

    FIELD TRIP: Birds SA EXCURSION TERRAIN DIFFICULTY: Easy Meet at 8.30am at the reserve entrance on Cox Road, opposite Aldinga Holiday Park. (Note: trip was originally listed for Paiwalla Wetlands but due to high River Murray water levels needed to be moved to alternative venue). TRIP LEADER: Bonny Vogelzang BIRD LIST: Aldinga Scrub CP

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  • Monarto and Ferries-McDonald Conservation Park (MM) 76 km

    FIELD TRIP: Birds SA EXCURSION TERRAIN DIFFICULTY: Easy Meet at 8.30am at the car park of the Monarto CP. To get there take the South Eastern Freeway from Adelaide. Leave the freeway at the Monarto Zoo ramp exit and turn right across the Bridge to head south on the Ferries McDonald Road for approximately 3.5km. After that walk we drive to the nearby Ferries-McDonald CP. TRIP LEADER: John Gitsham BIRD LIST: Monarto CP and Ferris-McDonald CP

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Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Sightings of small groups of these magnificent birds became increasingly common in suburban and rural areas after they learnt to exploit the cones of exotic pines as a food source. Their distinctive flight silhouette with a large rounded head, deep leisurely wing beats, and echoing “whee-la” calls make them easy to recognise. Although regarded as “Vulnerable”, large flocks of up to 200 birds or more may nevertheless be regularly seen in winter in the Mount Lofty Ranges.   Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos feed on seeds and insect larvae. They have learnt…

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Found an injured or sick bird?

Please contact:
Fauna Rescue SA
(08) 8289 0896 - 24hr Hotline
or your local Vet.


If you find an uninjured bird on the ground?

Leave the bird alone as the adults will be around to feed it.



    Birds SA has launched a documentary on coastal birds and off-road vehicles.

    Read press release (31/08/2021)


    Birds SA releases its Cats Management Policy


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  • Important Notice: There is no birding access to Dry Creek or Price Salt fields until further notice.