Regular Publications

Birds SA produces three publications for its members.

South Australian Ornithologist
Published since 1914, this is Birds SA’s scientific journal presenting information on any aspect of the biology, ecology and conservation of the birds of South Australia in particular and of Australia in general. It is usually published twice a year and is supplied to all members and subscribers. All articles in previous issues of the South Australian Ornithologist up to February 2023 are now available electronically as separate pdf files.

The Birder
This magazine presents popular, easily readable information on South Australian birds, of interest to a wide variety of readers.It is produced every three months and includes general news, conservation updates, bird sightings, and details of past and future Birds SA meetings and excursions. Issues from 2009 up to 2023 are available online.

The latest issue of The Birder and the South Australian Ornithologist are only available to members and subscribers.

Historical Series
The publication provides informative accounts of exceptional members of the South Australian Ornithologists Association who have contributed to its success since its inception. Accounts of some other notable ornithologists and naturalists are included, as well as articles of general interest on historical ornithology in. South Australia. It is included as a supplement to The Birder.

Updated: 29/03/2022