Australian Birding Information

The Birder's GuideA series of podcasts about birds hosted by Michael Greenshields
BirdingAusBirding-Aus is a place for everyone with an interest in Australia’s wild birds, their conservation and behaviour
LloydNielsenBirding Australia is a directory created by a birder with a lifetime of experience studying Australia’s birds in the field.
BirdpediaBirdpedia - The Birdwatchers Website is the access point to a variety of Bird Databases.
The BirdMark portal is specially designed to accept submissions of your resightings of colour marked waders along our flyway.
BIBBirds in Backyards is a research, education and conservation program from BirdLife Australia about the birds that live where people live.
BIDBirds in Danger presents the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List status of all the species and subspecies of Australia's birds, including those of the offshore territories.
BirdwatchingAustraliaA Directory of Australian birdwatching tours, bird clubs, freelance-guides, bird-orientated accommodation, upcoming birding events and reference information.
The Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey is one of the largest wildlife surveys in Australia, surveying major wetland sites in the Murray-Darling Basin.
EremaeaEremaea Birdlines is a service provided by Birdlife Australia for recording unusual and interesting observations of wild birds in Australia.
Glossy Black Cockatoo Conservancy
The Feather Map of Australia project collected waterbird feathers from wetlands around Australia.
Grey Falcon Research
A research project by Jonny Schoenjahn, Perth, Western Australia.
Little Eagle Research BlogNews page of the Little Eagle Research Group
In this website you can find out about efforts to save this beautiful but endangered bird.
Resources and information from the Night Parrot Recovery Team

Updated: 12/06/2022