Darwents Waterhole

Where is it?: This small patch of scrub (o.24 hectares) is 6km S of Willalooka on the Riddoch Highway.

Owner: Crown Land managed by Tatiara District Council.

Property summary: Total area c. 34 hectares. Hundred of Willalooka – Sections 23 and 86

Landscape Management Region: Limestone Coast

History: The waterhole was previously used as a stock watering point currently. Section 86 was dedicated as a Timber Reserve under the care, control and management of the District Council of Tatiara on 18 June 19591. On 2 April 1991 Sections 23 and 86 were dedicated as a Flora and Fauna Reserveunder the care, control and management of the District Council of Tatiara2.


Total Species Recorded to Date: 56 (non-passerines 20, passerines 36)

Common Species: Red-rumped Parrot, Galah, New Holland Honeyeater, Red Wattlebird, White-plumed Honeyeater, White-browed Babbler

Less Common Species: Tawny-crowned Honeyeater, Striated Hornbill, Grey Shrikethrush, Rufous Whistler, Eastern Yellow Robin, Jacky Winter

 1 Government of South Australia (1959). Crown Lands Act, 1929-1957: Hundred of Willalooka—Timber Reserve Dedicated. South Australian Government Gazette 24: 1253. (18 June 1959) 

 2 Government of South Australia (1959). Crown Lands Act, 1929: Section 5. South Australian Government Gazette 38: 1253. (11 April 1991) 

Updated: 24/07/2021

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