Ferguson Conservation Park

Where is it?: Ferguson Conservation Park is bounded by Hallett Road, Stonyfell Road and Marble Terrace at Stonyfell in the eastern foothills of Adelaide. The park is also accessible by public transport – Bus Route 141 (City to Stonyfell – Stop 17). Car parking is available along Hallett Road and Marble Terrace.

Owner: Department for Environment and Water

Property summary: Total area 8 hectares – Hundred of Adelaide, Section 687 (originally Part Section 289).

History:  A total of 162 hectares including Section 289 were purchased by Robert Cock and William Ferguson on 7 March 1839. In 1947 Miss Effie Ferguson purchased the property from the estate of her late uncle, Alexander Melrose. The area was presented to the Government of South Australia by the late Miss A.E. Ferguson in On 22 June 1949, Miss Ferguson added a codicil to her will by which she bequeathed the property to the Minister of the Crown under the National Pleasure Resorts Act 1914-1935. On 27 April 1972 the land was designated Ferguson Recreation Park under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 . On 24 June 1976 it was re-classified as Ferguson Conservation Park. This was subsequently found to be invalid and the land, now Section 687 was dedicated as Ferguson Conservation Park.

Habitat: The vegetation of  the park is dominated by South Australian Blue Gum (Eucalyptus leucoxylon) open forest/woodland with scattered large River Red Gum (E. camaldulensis) along Stonyfell Creek. 

Numerous small trees, notably Native Pine (Callitris preissii), Drooping She-oak (Allocasuarina stricta) and Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) form a variable second strata below the eucalypts.

In the central area of the park Native Pine is the dominant tree.

More information. DEW NPWSSA

Total Species Recorded to Date: 78 (non-passerines 44, passerines 34)

Common Species: Eastern Rosella, Crested Pigeon, Noisy Miner, Australian Magpie

Less Common Species: Brown Falcon, Laughing Kookaburra, Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Red Wattlebird

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