Gower Conservation Park

Where is it?: Gower Conservation Park is about 9km south-east of Tantanoola and 25km north-west of Mt Gambier.

Owner: Department for Environment and Water.

Property summary: Total area 40 hectares. Hundred of Hindmarsh – Section 4171.

Landscape Management Region: Limestone Coast.

History: Gower National Parks Reserve was proclaimed on 21 January 19712. On 27 April 1972 it was proclaimed as Gower Conservation Park3.

Habitat: The habitat is Open Forest with Messmate Stringybark (Eucalyptus obliqua and Brown Stringybark (E. baxteri with a shrub understory of Austral Bracken Pteridiumn esculentum and some Silver-leaved Banksia Banksia marginata. In the southern area of the park there is a stand of Rough-barked Manna Gum (E. vimimalis</em ssp. cygnetensis) with some Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii)4.

Total Species Recorded to Date: 71 (non-passerines 22, passerines 49).

Common Species: * Common Blackbird, Superb Fairywren, Australian Magpie, Forest Raven

Less Common Species: Grey Fantail, * European Goldfinch, White-browed Scubwren

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Updated: 26/08/2021

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