Onkaparinga River National Park – Hardy’s Scrub

Where is it?: This section of the park near Blewett Springs is 161 hectares in area and is bounded by Chapel Hill Road in the north, Whitings/Blewett Springs Road in the south-east and Franceschinis Road in the north-east. Car parking is available at either end of the Wine Dam Track on Chapel Hill Road and at Whitings Road. This section is the south-eastern part of the Onkaparinga River National Park.

Owner: Department for Environment and Watermore information

History: This section was added to the Onkaparinga River National Park on 11 October 2001.

Habitat: This area contains mainly low woodland of pink gum (Eucalyptus fasciculosa), dryland tea-tree (Melaleuca lanceolata) and drooping sheaoak (Allocasuarina verticillata).

Total Species Recorded to Date: 104 (non-passerines 51, passerine 53)

Common Species: Superb Fairywren, New Holland Honeyeater, Striated Thornbill, Brown Thornbill,  Australian Magpie

Less Common Species: Peaceful Dove, White-throated Treecreeper, Buff-rumped Thornbill

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