Hope Valley

Where is it?:  Hope Valley is situated in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide. It is bounded by Lyons Road, Lower North-East Road, Awoonga Road, Trafford Road, a line east to Amber Road, Barracks Road, Lower North-East Road, Hancocks Road, a line west to Tolleys Road, Doradus Avenue, Pompoota Road, Reservoir Road, southern boundary of O-Bahn to Grand Junction Road, Delray Avenue, Lambert Avenue, and the western boundary of Hope Valley Reservoir. 

Local Council area: City of Tea Tree Gully

Landscape Management Region: Green Adelaide\

History: The name was given by William Holden who lived there from 1841 to 1851. He bestowed the name for a reason explained by himself, as follows: ‘I had gone to town and when I returned I found that my premises (butcher’s shop and store) had been reduced to ashes, but I could not somehow feel despondent. On the contrary I felt inspired by hope-hence the name’.

Places to see birds: Hope Valley Reservoir, River Torrens

Total Species Recorded to Date: 75 (non-passerines 42, passerines 33)

Common Species: New Holland Honeyeater, Red Wattlebird, White-plumed Honeyeater, Australian Magpie, Magpielark, Welcome Swallow

Less Common Species: Chestnut Teal, Little Wattlebird, Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Black-faced Cuckooshrike, Australian Golden Whistler  


Note: This checklist is a guide to the bird species that have been recorded in this local area. We encourage you to record your sightings and add your locality on the checklist and return to Birds SA for inclusion in the Biological Survey of South Australia database.

Updated: 25/07/2021

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