Largs Bay

Where is it?: Largs Bay is an north-wesern suburb on Lefevre Peninsula. It is bounded Union Street, Military Road, Hargrave Street, Adelaide-Outer Harbor Railway line, Wills Street extending to the Port River up to London Court, 

Local Council area: City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Landscape Management Region: Green Adelaide

History: The township was originally advertised as Margate on 18 June 1873 and the name in the advertisement was changed to Largs without explanation on 2 July. The name Largs Bay as opposed to Largs does not appear to have been used until later, presumably being popularised by the Largs Bay Land and Investment Company.

Places to see birds: 

Total Species Recorded to Date: 52 (non-passerines 20, passerines 32)

Common Species: Laughing Kookaburra, Noisy Miner, Superb Fairywren, New Holland Honeyeater, Australian Magpie

Less Common Species: Southern Boobook, Crescent Honeyeater, Australia Golden Whistler, Red-browed Finch


Note: This checklist is a guide to the bird species that have been recorded in this local area. We encourage you to record your sightings and add your locality on the checklist and return to Birds SA for inclusion in the Biological Survey of South Australia database. 

Updated: 25/07/2021