Onkaparinga River Recreation Park

Where is it?: Onkaparinga River Recreation Park follows the course of the Onkaparinga River from Main South Road, Old Noarlunga to Commercial Road, South Port Noarlunga and is bounded on the east by River Road. It can be accessed by Bus Routes 745 or 747 from the Noarlunga Centre Interchange (Seaford Circuit: Stop 74 on Saltfleet Road, Stops 75 or 76 on Commercial Road, Stops 76A, 76B or 76C on River Road). The area is often referred to as the Onkaparinga Wetlands.

Owner: Department for Environment and Water.

Property summary: Total area 268 hectares. Hundred of Noarlunga – Sections 866 and 1666, Allotment 151 and 152 (Deposited Plan 60150); Hundred of Willunga – Allotments 3 (Deposited Plan 84084), 27 and 29 (Deposited Plan 83073), 104 (Deposited Plan 62452); 104 (Deposited Plan 92553), 105 and 106 (Deposited Plan 62451),

Landscape Management Region: Green Adelaide

History: Sections 866, 1666 and Allotments 27, 29, 103, 104, 104, 151 and 152 were proclaimed on 7 November 1985 as Onkaparinga River Recreation Park. Allotments 105 and 106 were added on 21 March 1991 and Allotment 3 on 1 December 2016. 

Habitat: The floodplain and surrounding areas are covered by a combination of open shrubland with Nitre-bush (Nitraria billarieri), Lagoon Saltbush (Atriplex suberecta), Onkaparinga River Recreation ParkMarsh Saltbush (Atriplex paludosa ssp. cordata) and Sea-berry Saltbush (Rhagodia candolleana ssp. candolleana), native grassland and introduced pasture. Along and near the river areas of there is Common Reed (Phragmites australis), samphire flats with Thick-head Samphire (Sarcocornia blackiana), Grey Samphire (Tecticornia halocnemoides ssp. halocnemoides, Shrubby Samphire (Tecticornia arbuscula) and areas of revegetation. The aquatic estuarine flora is dominated by Garweed (Zostera muelleri).

More information: DEW NPWS

Total Species Recorded to Date: 170 (non-passerines 115, passerines 55)

Common Species: Great Egret, Silver Gull, New Holland Honeyeater, Australian White Ibis, Australian Magpie, Magpielark, Crested Pigeon, Little Raven, Red Wattlebird, Willie Wagtail

Less Common Species: Red-necked Avocet, Freckled Duck, Pacific Golden Plover, Australian Shelduck, Latham’s Snipe, Whiskered Tern

 National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1972: Section 34—Onkaparinga River Recreation Park Constituted. The South Australian Government Gazette. Government of South Australia: 78: 1360. (7 November 1985). (Accessed: 20 September 2019)

 Protected Areas Information System Property Summary Report. 15 March 2019. Department for Environment and Heritage, Adelaide, South Australia. (Accessed: 20 September 2019)

Updated: 1/03/2021


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