Pekina Creek Reservoir Recreation Reserve, Orroroo

Where is it?: Pekina Reservoir Recreation Reserve is 3km SW of Orroroo.

Owner: Crown Land

Property summary: Total area c. 161 hectares. Hundred of Walloway – Allotment 1 (Deposited Plan 28233)1

Landscape Management Region: Northern and Yorke

History: As early as 1886 there was agitation for the irrigation of the Walloway Plain2. Land for the reservoir was proclaimed on 30 June 18983. In April 1908 applications were invited for perpetual lease of the land4. Following allocation of the leases work commenced in July 1908 on the head works5. On 10 January 1910 the Pekina Irrigation Scheme was officially opened by the Governor of South Australia, Admiral Sir Day Hort Bosanquet, GCMD, GCVO, KCB6. By 1964 irrigation had ceased as drought and siltation had so reduced the volume of water in the reservoir that irrigation was no longer feasible7.

On the 5 April 1990 Hundred of Walloway – Sections 343, 344, 435 and 436 as Allotment 1 (Deposited Plan 28233) were dedicated as a Community Reserve under the care, control and management of the District Council of Orroroo8.

Habitat: All the vegetation from the dam site was removed6. The vegetation surrounding the dam is now more or less Open Mallee with Mallee Box Eucalyptus porosa.

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Total Species Recorded to Date: 99 (non-passerines 57, passerines 42)

Common Species: Eurasian Coot, Peaceful Dove, Musk Duck, Hardhead, Black Kite, Grey Teal

Less Common Species: Apostlebird, Blue-billed Duck, Zebra Finch, White-fronted Honeyeater, Australian Hobby, Glossy Ibis

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Updated: 21/07/2021

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