Swanport Wetlands

Where is it?: Swanport Wetlands are situated between the Princess Highway and the River Murray adjacent to the Swanport Bridge.  Car parking is available near the entrance.

Owner: Crown Land under care and control of The Rural City of Murray Bridge.

Property summary: Total area 19.4 hectares. Hundred of Burdett – Allotment 12, Sections 448, 451 and 543

Natural Resources Management Region: Natural Resources South Australian Murray-Darling Basin

Habitat: Almost two-thirds of the area adjacent to the River Murray is open woodland of River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) with patches of Lignum (Muehlenbeckia florentula) and Common Reed (Phragmites australis). The remaining area is open mallee.

Total Species Recorded to Date: 75 (non-passerines 45, passerines 30)

Common Species: Pacific Black Duck, Whistling Kite, Australasian Swamphen, Superb Fairywren, New Holland Honeyeater, Welcome Swallow

Less Common Species: Hoary-headed Grebe, Southern Boobook, Australian Hobby, Rufous Whistler, Noisy Miner

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