Tucknott Scrub Conservation Park

Where is it?: Tucknott Scrub Conservation Park is approximately 30 kilometres north of Port Lincoln and 35 kilometres north-east of Coffin Bay.

Owner: Department for Environment and Water

Property summary: Total area 360 hectares. Hundred of Louith – Sections 416 and 417, and Allotment 1 (Deposited Plan 60720)1.

Landscape Management Region:  Eyre Peninsula

History: Tucknott Scrub was proclaimed a conservation park on 12 January 20062.

Habitat: Main habitats are:
   – Woodland with Sugar Gum (Eucalyptus cladocalyx) and Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) with understory of Tufted Grass-tree (Xanthorrhoea semiplana).
   – Very low woodland with Golden Wattle over Tufted Grass-tree.
   – Low open woodland with Drooping Sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata ).
   – Shrubland with Short-leaf Honey-myrtle (Melaleuca brevifolia ) and Scarlet Bottlebrush (Callistemon rugulosus).

Tucknott Scrub is the largest area of Sugar Gum woodland in the Koppio Hills.

There are a number of ephemeral creeks that flow out from the eastern and northern boundaries into Toolillie Creek and subsequently into the Tod Reservoir3.

Total Species Recorded to Date: 23 (non-passerines 7, passerines 16)

Common Species: Brown Currawong, Striated Pardalote, Port Lincoln Parrot

Less Common Species: Scarlet Robin, White=throated Gerygone

1 Department for Environment and Water. (2019). Protected Areas Information System. Property Summary Report. 30 March 2019. p. 40.  

 2 Government of South Australia (2006). National Parks and Wildlife (Tucknott Scrub Conservation Park) Proclamation 2006. South Australian Government Gazette 2: 49. (12 January 2006) 

 3 Department for Environment and Heritage (2007) Conservation Parks of Lower Eyre Peninsula Management Plan 

Updated: 7/07/2021

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