Wolseley Common Conservation Park

Where is it?: Wolseley Common Conservation Park is on the south-east outskirts of Wolseley, near the Victorian Border.

Owner: Department for Environment and Water

Property summary: Total area 24 hectares. Hundred of Tatiara – Section 1013, Allotments 50-52 (Deposited Plan 28840), Allotment 100 (Deposited Plan 53044), Allotment 1 (Deposited Plan 55986), Pieces 20-21 (Filed Plan 218022)1.

Landscape Management Region: Limestone Coast

History: Wolseley Common Conservation Park was proclaimed on 29 November 2001.2.

Total Species Recorded to Date: 35 (non-passerines 10, passerines 25)

Common Species: Galah, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, Red-capped Robin, Yellow Thornbill, Yellow-rumped Thornbil

Less Common Species: Crimson Chat, Brown Falcon, Rufous Whistler, Dusky Woodswallow

 1 Department for Environment and Water (2019). Protected Areas Information System Property Summary Report (15 March 2019). Adelaide, South Australia. p. 88.  

 2 Government of South Australia (2001). National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972: Section 30 (1): Constitution of Wolseley Common Conservation Park. South Australian Government Gazette 159:5190. (29 November 2001). 

Updated: 18/08/2021