South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 11

Volume XI, Part 1. 1st January 1931
1931V11P1The South Australian Ornithological Association. Monthly proceedings pp. 3-4.

Report on bird life in central Australia and northern Australia R.E.P. Osborne pp. 4-7.

Notes on some interior birds J. Neil McGilp pp. 7-12.

Notes on the birds of central Australia, between Alice Springs and Macdonald Downs J. Burton Cleland pp. 13-21.

Bird notes
B. Cotton p. 21.

A.M. Morgan pp. 21-22.

F.E. Parsons p. 22.

C. Pearce p. 22.

Dr A.S. Randell p. 23.

F.B. Shoobridge p. 23.

[E.A. Brooks] p. 23.

An outing on Lake Alexandrina and the Coorong J. Sutton pp. 24-33.

Volume XI, Part 2. 1st April 1931
The nesting of the Banded Stilt (Cladorhynchus leucocephalus) J. Neil McGilp and A.M. Morgan pp. 37-53, 10 plates.

A trip to Moolwatana A.M. Morgan pp. 53-61.

Volume XI, Part 3. 1st July 1931
The South Australian Ornithological Association. Monthly meetings pp. 65-68.

Geopsittacus occidentalis, Night-Parrot J. Neil McGilp pp. 68-70.

Bird notes
L. Reese pp. 70-71.

H. Simpson pp. 71-72.

Dr. A.M. Morgan p. 72.

Flame Robins (Petroica phoenicea) [J. W. Mellor; Dr. A.M. Morgan; J. Sutton; Alfred Crompton] pp. 72-73.

White-rumped or Fork-tailed Swifts (Micropus pacificus) [Reg. F. Richardson] p. 73.

Brolga, or Native Companion (Grus rubicundus) [M. W. Mules] p. 73.

Galah (Kakatoe roseicapilla) [N. B.Tindale] p. 73.

Emu (Dromaius novae-hollandiae) [H.J. Keyes] p. 74.

A trip to Bool Lagoon, South-East, S.A. J. Sutton pp. 74-92.

Volume XI, Part 4. 1st October 1931
The South Australian Ornithological Association. Monthly meetings pp. 97-98.

Observations on the Western Bower-bird (Chlamydera guttata) J. Neil McGilp pp. 98-102, 2 Plates.

[Miss Joan Cleland; J.W. Mellor; Edwin Ashby; J. Neil McGilp] p. 102.

Sumer is icumen in p. 102.

Birds of the Orroroo district James T. Gray pp. 103-104.

Bird notes
J.W. Mellor pp. 104-106.

N. Hiles Pearse pp. 107-108.

L. Reese p. 108.

Dr A.M. Morgan pp. 108-109.

Professor J.B. Cleland p. 109.

N.B. Tindale p. 109.

F.E. Parsons p. 109.

Birds in the Oodnadatta district H. Simpson pp. 110-111.

The lakes and the Coorong J. Sutton pp. 112-119.

Volume XI, Part 5. 1st January 1932
The South Australian Ornithological Association. Monthly proceedings pp. 123-125.

Notes on central Australian birds-Alice Springs to Cockatoo Creek J. Burton Cleland pp. 126-135.

Birds of Orroroo district James T. Gray pp. 135-137.

Bird notes
Walter J. Harvey pp. 137-139.

J.W. Mellor pp. 139-140.

Bool Lagoon notes Master Jack Hood pp. 140-141.

The birds of Paratoo A.M. Morgan pp. 141-146.

Birds of the Nullarbor Plain and far west coast of South Australia J. Neil McGilp pp. 146-151.

Volume XI, Part 6. 1st April, 1916
The South Australian Ornithological Association. Monthly meetings pp. 155-156.

The spread and weight of the Wedge-tailed Eagle (Uroaetus audax) A.M. Morgan pp. 156-157.

The Budgerygah or Shell-Parrot (Melopsittacus undulatus) [Byron McLachlan; Daisy Bates] p. 158.

Heat in the interior of South Australia and in central Australia. Holocaust of bird-life [H.H. Finlayson; L.R. Reese; J. Neil McGilp; Newspapers] pp. 158-163.

Trap-door Spider and White-fronted Chat C. Pearce p. 164.

Birds observed at Happy Valley Reservoir (Eleven miles south of Adelaide.) C. Pearce pp. 164-165.

Unusual visitors to “Wittunga,” Blackwood Edwin Ashby pp. 165-166.

The nesting of the Black-throated Grebe (Podiceps ruficollis) at Blackwood Edwin Ashby pp. 166-168.

The Barn or Delicate Owl (Tyto alba) J. Neil McGilp p. 169.

Bird notes
The Flock Pigeon (Histriophaps histrionica)
[Rex McKay; L.R. Reese] pp. 169-170.

Dr. A.S. Randell pp. 170-171.

Welcome Swallow (Hirundo neoxena) [E.H. Ising; George Dempster] pp. 171.

Emu (Dromaius novae-hollandiae) [H.M. Hale] pp. 171-172.

Quail [T.G. Souter] p. 172.

Fork-tailed or White-rumped Swifts (Micropus pacificus) [W.W. Weidenbach; J. Sutton; T.G. Souter] p. 172.

Some specimens, etc., sent in to the South Australian Museum J. Sutton pp. 173-174.

Lake Alexandrina and the Coorong in flood-time J. Sutton pp. 174-184.

Volume XI, Part 7. 1st July, 1932
The South Australian Ornithological Association. Annual Meeting, Monthly Meetings pp. 187-189.

The rudimentary wing-spur in birds A.M. Morgan pp. 189-191, Plate.

Wedgebill, Sphenostoma cristatum J. Neil McGilp pp. 191-193, Plate.

The White-faced Heron (Notophoyx novae-hollaniae) Some habits noted from a pair in captivity D.W. Brummitt p. 194.

Bird notes
Notes from Oodnadatta and Edward’s Creek
[H. Simpson] p. 195.

Notes from Beaumont [Miss Joan Cleland] pp. 195-196.

Notes from Burnside [Dr. H.M. Jay] p. 196.

Notes from Woodside [M.W. Mules] p. 196.

Notes from Wentworth, N.S.W. [Dr. A. Chenery] pp. 196-197.

Encounter Bay notes Professor J.B. Cleland p. 197.

Notes from “Mount Charlotte,” Hilltown, via Clare J.B. Shekleton pp. 197-198.

Dr. A.S. Randell p. 198.

F.E. Parsons p. 198.

D.W. Brummitt p. 198.

B.C. Cotton pp. 198-199.

Notes from Orroroo [James T. Gray] pp. 200-201.

Holocaust of Bird Life in the Interior p. 201.

[F.L. Berney] p. 201.

[M.W. Mules] pp. 201-202.

Flame Robin (Petroica phoenicea) [J. Rau] p. 203.

Mitcham notes J. Sutton p. 203.

Some specimens sent into the South Australian Museum J. Sutton pp. 204-205.

Volume XI, Part 8. 1st October, 1932
The South Australian Ornithological Association. Monthly Meetings pp. 211-212.

Notes on some birds in the vicinity of Coniston Station, central Australia Marwood W. Mules pp. 212-221, Plates 2.

Some birds of the interior J.Neil McGilp pp. 222-225.

Coombe District notes Walter J. Harvey pp. 225-226.

Notes from Oodnadatta and district H. Simpson pp. 227-228.

Holocaust of bird life in the January, 1932, heatwave [Mrs. Ronald Robertson; T. Scanlan] p. 228.

Bird notes
L.R. Reese p. 229.

Dr. A.M.Morgan p. 229.

F.E. Parsons p. 231.

[Miss Joan Cleland] p. 231.

[Professor J.B. Cleland] p. 232.

[A.F. Austin] p. 232.

[Edwin Ashby] pp. 232-233.

[Dr. H. Jay] p. 233.

[M.W. Mules] p. 233.

Brown Songlark (Cinclorhamphus cruralis) [J. Neil McGilp; F.B. Shoobridge] p. 233.

[S.E. Terrill] p. 233.

[F.B. Shoobridge] p. 234.

[L.K. McGilp] p. 234.

[J. Neil McGilp] p. 234.

Flame Robin (Petroica phoenicea) J. Sutton p. 235.

Notes from Orroroo James T. Gray pp. 235-236.