South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 18

Volume XVIII, Part 1. March 1946

1946V18P1Bird notes
Starlings eating earthworms
S.E. Terrill p. 1.

Restless Flycatcher (Seisura inquieta) L.S. Francis p. 1.

Cuckoos A.O. Crompton; S.E. Terrill p. 1.

Sparrows (Passer domesticus) building in winter J.B. Cleland p. 1.

Wedge-tailed Eagle (Uroaetus audax) attacked by five Kestrels (Falco cenchroides) J.B. Cleland p. 1.

Birds at Encounter Bay J.B. Cleland p. 1.

Flesh-footed Shearwater (Puffinus carneipes) J.B. Cleland p. 1.

Willie Wagtail (Rhipdura leucophrys) attacking chickens M.J. Walter p. 1.

Shell Parrots (Melopsittacus undulatus) Dr. A. Lendon; C.E. Rix p. 1.

Distraction display by breeding birds in South Australia E.F. Boehm pp. 2-4.

The Weebill in South Australia H.T. Condon p. 5.

References to birds in “Geographic travels in central Australia, 1872-1874” by Ernest Giles abstracted J.B. Cleland p. 6.

List of birds in South Australia H.T. Condon; Alan Lendon pp. 6-7.

Birds noted at Tooperang, Mount Compass E.H. Smith pp. 7, 9.

Birds seen along the River Murray between Blanchetown and Renmark L.S. Francis pp. 8-9.

Bird noted between Finke Railway Station, Ernabella, and the Everard Ranges J.B. Cleland p. 10.

Volume XVIII, Part 2. June 1946

1946V18P2Bird notes
White-capped Albatross (Diomedea cauta)
Miss Joan Cleland p. 11.

Azure Kingfisher (Alcyone azurea) C.E. Rix p. 11.

Nankeen Night Herons (Nycticorax caledonicus) p. 11.

Black-winged Currawong (Strepera melanoptera) E.A. Brooks p. 11.

Red-vented Bul-buls (Otomcomposa jopcusa L.) [S.E. Terrill; H. Womersley] p. 11.

Speed of Bronzewing Pigeon (Phaps sp.) J.B. Cleland p. 11.

Sea Curlew (Numenius cyanopus) E.A. Brooks p. 11.

Australian Darter (Anhinga novae-hollandiae) and Musk-Duck Biziura lobata John White p. 11.

Nestlings of White-browed Wood-Swallow (Artamus supercilious) A.O. Crompton p. 11.

Silver Gulls (Larus novae-hollandiae) J.B. Cleland p. 11.

Pallid Cuckoo (Cuculus pallidus) L.S. Francis p. 11.

Red-browed Finch (Aegintha temporalis) L.S. Francis p. 11.

Birds of South Australia H.T. Condon pp. 12-20.

Bird notes
Birds at Erindale
L.S. Francis p. 20.

Yellow-throated Miner (Myzantha flavigula) J.B. Cleland p. 20.

Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes) J.B. Cleland p. 20.

Superb Blue Wren (Malurus cyaneus) L.S. Francis p. 20.

Birds in National Park J.B. Cleland p. 20.

Birds at Mount Barker L.S. Francis p. 20.

1946V18P3Volume XVIII, Part 3. November, 1946

Bird notes
Little Grebe (Podiceps ruficollis)
A. Lashmar p. 21.

Black-fronted Dotterel (Charadrius melanops) H.T. Condon p. 21.

Waders at Outer Harbour on March 23, 1946 H.T. Condon p. 21.

Red-necked Avocet (Recurvirostra novae-hollandiae) A.H. Lendon p. 21.

Pacific Heron (Notophoyx pacifica) A.H. Lendon p. 21.

Maned Goose (Chenonetta jubata) A.H. Lendon p. 21.

Black Swan (Cygnus atrata) A. Lashmar p. 21.

Black Duck (Anas superciliosa) A.F.C. Lashmar; S.E. Terrill p. 21.

Elegant Parrot (Neophema elegans) A.H. Lendon p. 21.

Budgerygah (Melopsittacus undulatus) H.T. Condon p. 21.

Flame Robin (Petroica phoenicea) A.H. Lashmar; H. Jarman p. 21.

Golden Whistler (Pachycephala pectoralis) H.T. Condon p. 21.

White-winged Triller (Lalage tricolor) L.S. Francis p. 21.

Chestnut Quail-Thrush (Cinclosoma castanotum) A.H. Lendon p. 21.

Crimson Chat (Epthianura tricolor) A.H. Lendon p. 21.

Brown Songlark (Cincloramphus cruralis) H.T. Condon p. 21.

Purple-backed Wren (Malurus assimilis) A.H. Lendon p. 21.

Black Honeyeater (Myzomela nigra) A.H. Lendon p. 21.

Bird notes from Naracoorte A.R. Attiwill pp. 21, 30.

Notes on a a few birds seen on Eyre Peninsula and its islands H.H. Finlayson pp. 22-23.

Bird notes on the old Rectory Farm, Willunga, during 1944 and 1945 Oscar Symon pp. 24-25.

Distribution of the Australian Crow in South Australia E.F. Boehm pp. 26-27.

A Green-Collared Lorikeet of the genus Trichoglossus, possibly from the Northern Territory H.T. Condon p. 27.

Birds noted on the eastern portion of Kangaroo Island A.F.C. Lashmar pp. 28-30.

Volume XVIII, Part 4. January number 1947 (Issued April 21, 1947)

1947V18P4The White-breasted Cormorant (Phalacrocorax fuscescens) H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 31.

Some birds observed on southern Eyre Peninsula Glen M. Storr pp. 31-37.

The Australian Bustard: with special reference to its past and present status in South Australia E.F. Boehm pp. 37-40.




Volume XVIII, Part 5. April number 1947 (Issued July 18, 1947)

1947V18P5The Magpie-Lark (Grallina cyanoleuca) H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 41.

Avicultural observations on Australian Parrots A.H. Lendon pp. 42-44.

The Southern Stone-Curlew (Burhinus magnirostris) J. Neil McGilp pp. 44-46.

A note on the call of the Pallid Cuckoo H.T. Condon p. 46.

Bird notes
Black Falcon (Falco subniger)
C.E. Rix p. 47.

Fork-tailed Swift (Micropus pacificus) C.E. Rix p. 47.

Penguin (Eudyptes sp.) C.E. Rix p. 47.

Wedge-tailed Eagle (Uroaetus audax) H.T. Condon p. 47.

Pied Cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) H.T. Condon p. 47.

Brown Bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) C.E. Rix p. 47.

Little Cuckoo-Shrike (Coracina robusta) C.E. Rix p. 47.

Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata) [C.E. Rix] p. 47.

Stone Curlew (Burhinus magnirostris) C.E. Rix p. 47.

Ravens (Corvus coronoides) and Little Crows (Corvus bennetti) [N.J. Favaloro] p. 47.

Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes) L.S. Francis p. 47.

Pallid Cuckoo (Cuculus pallidus) C.H.A. Lienau p. 47.

Nankeen Night Heron (Nycticorax caledonicus) A.L. Rau p. 47.

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus funereus); Wood Swallows (Artamus personatus and A. superciliosus; Black Honeyeater Myzomela nigra A.H. Lendon p. 47.

Banded Landrail (Hypotaenidia philippensis); Sacred Kingfisher Halcyon sanctus D.W. Brummitt p. 47.

Some notes on Kangaroo Island birds H.M. Cooper p. 48.

Courtship display of the Mistletoe Bird J. Neil McGilp pp. 48-49.

Birds of South Australia H.T. Condon p. 49.

Rules of the South Australian Ornithological Association pp. 49-50.

Volume XVIII, Part 6. July number 1947 (Issued Sept. 15, 1947)

1947V18P6The Spine-tailed Swift in South Australia H.T. Condon p. 51.

Hybrid ducks in the wild H.T. Condon p. 51.

The Blue-breasted Wren (Malurus pulcherrimus) in South Australia C.E. Rix pp. 52-53.

The Purple-backed Wren (Malurus assimilis) C.E. Rix pp. 53-54.

Southern Eyre Peninsula birds Glen M. Storr p. 54.

Birds seen in the Northern Territory. Part One D.A.G. Thomas pp. 55-60.

1947V18P7Volume XVIII, Part 7. October number 1947 (Issued Jan. 9, 1948)

Bird notes
Fairy Martin (Hylochelidon ariel)
H.E.A. Jarman p. 61.

White-fronted Heron (Notophoyx pacifica) C.E. Rix p. 61.

Maned Goose (Chenonetta jubata) C.E. Rix p. 61.

Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus notatus) D.J. Stevens p. 61.

Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus strigoides) D.A.G. Thomas p. 61.

Mistletoe Bird (Dicaeum hirundincaceum) O. Fuller p. 61.

Eastern Spinebill (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris) O. Fuller p. 61.

Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes) J.B. Cleland p. 61.

Chestnut-tailed Ground Wren (Hylachola pyrrhopygia)(?) H.E.A. Jarman p. 61.

Wren Feeding Cuckoo Samuel Sanders, Jnr. p. 61.

Birds at Aldgate Margaret Clifford p. 61.

Birds seen in the Northern Territory. Part Two D.A.G. Thomas pp. 62-65.

Extracts from W.H. Leigh, “Reconnoitering Voyages, Travels and Adventures in the New Colonies of Birds South Australia, etc., etc., etc, London. 1839” J.B. Cleland p. 65.

On some fragments of Emu egg-shell from an ancient camp-site on Kangaroo Island H.M. Cooper and H.T. Condon pp. 66-68.

Oological desiderata in South Australia E.F. Boehm pp. 68-70.

Further notes on Eyre Peninsula birds Glen M. Storr p. 70.

Volume XVIII, Part 8. January number 1948 (Issued March 22, 1948)

1948V18P8Breeding of the Little Crow: with particular reference to South Australia Erhard F. Boehm pp. 71, 80.

Greenly island, South Australia H.H. Finlayson pp. 72-73.

Notice to members p. 73.

A sparrow-hawk’s breakfast Oscar Sturt Symon pp. 74-76.

Flinders Chase, Kangaroo Island [S.E. Terrill; A.J. Bartlett] pp. 76-77.

Native names of Australian birds H.T. Condon p. 77.

Birds introduced on to Kangaroo Island H.T. Condon p. 78.

Kangaroo Island Emu H.T. Condon p. 78.