South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 23

Volume 23, Parts 1-2. September 25, 1959

Bird protection in South Australia 
[H.T. Condon] pp. 3-6.

Flora and Fauna Advisory Committee  [H.T. Condon] p. 7.

Sanctuaries and the conservation of birds  E.F.Boehm pp. 7-8.

Habitat destruction and fauna protection in South Australia  H.T. Condon pp. 9-15.

Human predation on birds  B.C. Newland pp. 16-22.

Fauna Protection Council  C.L. Lauer p. 23.

The birds of Sydney (County Cumberland), New South Wales  
reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 24.

Wild life service  reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 24.

Effects of DDT spraying on birds (Audubon Mag., Jan.-Feb. 1959)  reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 24-25.

To the editor
The proposed Fifth Schedule  
Richard Schodde p. 25.

Numbers of native birds handled by commerce  Richard Schodde pp. 26-29.

Another South Australian record of the the Yellow-tufted Honeyeater H.T. Condon p. 29.

Trapping in New South Wales  p. 29.

Observations of Regent Honeyeaters  F.L. Collison pp. 30-31.

Calls of the Musk Duck  David Mack p. 31.

Injured fauna  p. 31.

Volume 23, Part 3. June 1, 1960

The poll
  B.C. Newland pp. 35-36.

Flora and Fauna Reserves  p. 36.

The Red-tailed Black Cockatoo in south-east of South Australia  A.R. Attiwill pp. 37-38.

King Quail (Excalfactoria chinensis) in South Australia  H.T. Condon pp. 38-39.

Notes on the breeding of Wedge-tailed Eagle  Rex Ellis pp. 34, 39-41.

Broadcast by Professor Ernst Mayr  p. 41.

Fisheries and Game Department, South Australia  p. 42.

Recovery of a banded Giant Petrel  V.J. Wood p. 42.

Taxonomy of Australian crows  E.F.B. [E.F. Boehm] p. 42.

Anting in Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)  H.A. Lindsay p. 43.

Bronzewing Pigeons nesting at Two Wells  H.A. Lindsay p. 43.

Mollusca eaten by birds  Bernard C. Cotton pp. 44-47.

Babbage and birds  B.C. Newland p. 47.

Rules of The South Australian Ornithological Association  Changes and additions  pp. 47-48.

1961V23P4Volume 23, Part 4. March 1, 1961

Foreign finches – a potential threat
  [H.T. Condon] p. 51.

The Merreti-Chowilla bird sanctuary  Additional wildlife reserves  A new national park  [H.T. Condon] p. 51.

From game laws to fauna protection acts in South Australia  The evolution of an attitude  An address delivered to the Royal Society of South Australia  B.C. Newland pp. 52-63.

Mistletoe-bird notes  A.H. Chisholm p. 63.

A parrot hybrid  David Churches p. 63.

Caging of birds H. Tossell p. 64.

Flora and fauna reserves, Eyre Peninsula, S.A. K.A. Preiss p. 64.

Spine-tailed Swifts Muriel R. Daley p. 64.

Report of the Fauna Protection Panel, for the year ended June 30, 1959 reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 65.

Annual report of the “The Commissioners of the National Park and Wild Life Reserves (for the year ended 30th June, 1960)  reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 65.

For junior members
How to choose binoculars
  p. 66.

1961V23P5Volume 23, Part 5. August 11, 1961

Birds of the Upper Murray of South Australia  D.B. Mack pp. 69-79.

Important proclamation of rare fauna  H.T. Condon p. 79.

Scarlet Robin on Yorke Peninsula  Mrs M. Daley p. 79.

Editorial jottings  [H.T. Condon] pp. 80-81.

Rules of The South Australian Ornithological Association  pp. 82-84.

Field guide to the waders H.T. Condon and A.R. McGill
  reviewed by “Van Ellus” p. 84.

Volume 23, Parts 6-8, October 1962

A handlist of the birds of South Australia with annotations  H.T. Condon pp. 85-151.