South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 24

Index to Volume 24. 

1963V24P1Volume 24, Part 1. October 1963

Bird banding in South Australia  Max Melvin pp. 3-6.

The pelican in South Australia with special reference to the Coorong Islands  F.R.H. Chapman pp. 6-14.

Bird notes
Glossy Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus lathami
  H.M. Cooper p. 14.

Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor)  Keith Ashby p. 14.

Spotless Crake (Porzana tabuensis)  Max Waterman and F. Accatino p. 14

Pallid Cuckoo (Cuculus pallidus)  Max Waterman and R. Smith p. 14.

Silver Gull without legs  (Mrs.) Joan Paton p. 14

Virus infection in Silvereye  (Mrs.) Joan Paton p. 14.

Southern record of Dollarbird  A.R. Attiwill p. 15.

A wild Little Corella x Galah hybrid  E.F. Boehm p. 15.

Notes on behaviour of young Spur winged Plovers and young teal  D.B. Mack p. 15.


Birds of Western Australia. D.L. Serventy and H.M. Whittell   reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 16.

VIII Bulletin of the International Council for Bird Preservation reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] pp. 16-17.

Glossy Black Cockatoo in the south-east of South Australia  H.T. Condon p. 17.

Banding report (6th-7th July, 1963)  M.H. Waterman p. 18.

Volume 24, Part 2. August 1964


Bird report, 1963  compiled by C.R. Jenkin, D.E. Pomeroy and P.A. Richards pp. 23-32. 








Volume 24, Part 3. January 1965


Editorial – bird nomenclature  B.G. [Brian Glover] p. 35.

Pelicans breeding near Milang  John Eckert pp. 36-37.

Birds observed at Carriewerloo  Mark Bonnin pp. 38-39.

The Cattle Egret  Brian Glover pp. 40-41.

Disturbance of breeding and resting birds by bird-watchers  G. Clarke p. 41.

The Cattle Egret at Port Lincoln  Doug Barnes and Max Waterman p. 42.

“Legless” Silver Gull  G. Clarke p. 42.

Basic procedure in observing and recording bird study  Richard Schodde pp. 43-44.

An irruption of butcher-birds  John Eckert p. 44.

An expedition to Eyre Peninsula and offshore islands  C.R. Jenkin and Max Waterman pp. 45-48.

Magpie and reflection  G. Clarke p. 48.

Book reviews
 Australian honeyeaters Brigadier Hugh R. Officer
  reviewed by B.G. [Brian Glover] p. 49.

 “I name this parrot…” Brief biographies of men and women in whose honour commemorative names have been given Arthur A. Prestwich  reviewed by B.G. [Brian Glover] pp. 49, 50.

Bird notes
Pelican breeding in the north-east 
D.E.Pomeroy p. 50.

Pelicans nesting on lignum  John L. McKean p. 50.

Unusual behaviour of Spotted Nightjars E.F. Boehm p. 50

Fan-tailed Cuckoos in dry regions E.F. Boehm p. 50.

Survival instincts in Silvereyes D.B. Mack p. 51.

Nest predation of Boobook Owl D.B. Mack p. 51.

Feeding methods of White Egrets G. Clarke pp. 51-52.

Volume 24, Part 4. September 1965


Bird report, 1963 – Supplement.  p. 54.

Bird report, 1964  introduction by Brian Glover pp. 55-68.

The White-winged Black Tern in South Australia  John Eckert pp. 68-69.

A handlist of the birds South Australia Supplement No. 1  H.T. Condon pp. 70-76.



Volume 24, Part 5. March 1966


The Western Whipbird. Preliminary notes on the discovery of a new subspecies on southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia  H.T. Condon pp. 79-92.

The Western Whipbird on Eyre Peninsula  David McNamara p. 93.

Birds in relation to the pine forests of the south east of South Australia  C.K. Pawsey pp. 93-95.

Bird notes
The White-throated Warbler again
  Charles Pawsey p. 96.

Two new records from Naracoorte
White-throated Warbler 
J.B. Hood, A.R. Attiwill p. 96.

Plumed Tree-Duck  J.B. Hood, A.R. Attiwill p. 96.

Common Terns at Naracoorte  A.R. Attiwill p. 96.

Grey Goshawk at Lucindale  A.R. Attiwill p. 96.

Volume 24, Part 6. September 1966


Bird report, 1965  introduction by Brian Glover p. 98.

An irruption of Blue-winged Parrots  E.F. Boehm p. 107.

Four-minute dive by Dusky Moorhen  R.T. Parrott p. 108.

Breeding of the Little Grebe  G. Clarke pp. 109-110.

Nest predation by Boobook Owl  Lionel Schulze p. 110.

Rat as bird predator  G. Clarke p. 110.

Magpie attacking parrot  Rosemary Daley p. 110.

The Burmese Spotted Dove on Eyre Peninsula  F.R.H. Chapman p. 111.

Little Wood-Swallow at Lake Merreti  B.G. [Brian Glover] p. 111

Mimicry by thornbills and wood-swallows  D.B. Mack p. 112.

Cape Barren Goose on the Murray lakes  B.G. [Brian Glover] pp. 112-113.

Silver Gulls roosting on temporarily flooded land  G. Clarke pp. 113-114.

Notes on some central Australian birds  Gordon Clarke pp. 114-115.

Burdekin Duck – report from south-east  B.G. [Brian Glover] p. 116.

Burdekin Duck in northern South Australia  R.J. Goodfellow p. 116.

Volume 24, Part 7. March 1967


Birds of Para Wirra National Park  Gordon Clarke pp. 118-134.

Book review
Avian myology J.C. George and A.J. Berger 
reviewed by C.R. Jenkin p. 134.

The Pectoral Sandpiper in South Australia  John Eckert pp. 135-136.

Book review
  Australian birds in colour Keith Hindwood 
reviewed by B.G. [Brian Glover] p. 136.

Volume 24, Part 8. September 1967


Apostle Birds in the Murray lands  K.J. Mack pp. 139-145.

Flock Pigeons on the Birdsville Track  Barbara Wall p. 145.

Birds on islands in Salt Lagoon  Mark Bonnin p. 146-147.

The Grey Honeyeater (Lacustroica whitei) A new record for South Australia  Graham S. Cowles p. 147.

Some observations of the Western Whipbird  K.J. Mack pp. 148-149.

Flocking of Willie Wagtails  R.F. Brown, Brian Glover pp. 149-150

Instructions for collecting bird parasites George E. Watson and A. Binion Amerson Jr
  reviewed by B.G. [Brian Glover] p. 150

The bird watcher’s library Brian Glover pp. 151-156.

Book reviews
The Birds of Shakespeare Grundy Steiner
reviewed by R.M. Gibbs p. 156.

 Checklist to the Mathews ornithological collection reviewed by R.M. Gibbs pp. 156-157.

A Biology of Birds with Particular Reference to New Zealand Birds, by B. D. Heather reviewed by B.G. [Brian Glover] p. 157.

Re-use of whistler’s nest by Red-browed Finch Brian Glover p. 157.

From the Editor  The Little Raven  The Western Whipbird [Brian Glover] p. 159.

Index to Volume 24 (1963-1967) p. 160.