South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 26

1971V26P1Volume 26, Part 1. September 1971


Professor J.B. Cleland D.N. Kraehenbuehl pp. 2-4.

Beautiful Firetails on Kangaroo Island David J. Vincent p. 4.

Book reviews
A field guide to Australian birds non-passerines by Peter Slater
reviewed by Brian Glover p. 5.

Australian parrots in colour by Len Robinson reviewed by Colin Lendon p. 5.

Voices of the Australian bush by Harold J. Pollock reviewed by H. Crouch p. 5.

Extension of Red-breasted Babbler’s range not confirmed R.F. Brown / John Eckert p. 6.

Aggression by White-plumed Honeyeaters J. and E. Arthur p. 6.

Straw-necked Ibis (Threskiornis spinicollis) in South Australia: breeding colonies and movements Max Waterman, David Close and David Condon pp. 7-11.

The Dusky Miner in Cortlinye Water Reserve: an error Gordon Leiblich p. 11.

Bird report, 1969-70 compiled by Brian Glover pp. 12-18.

New South Australian specimens from Goolwa Beach Ross D. Robinson pp. 18-24.

1972V26P2Volume 26, Part 2. March 1972


Bird report, 1969-70 (continued from previous issue.) compiled by Brian Glover pp. 26-33.

Errata in bird report 1969-70 J.B. Cox p. 33.

Further notes on the Little Quail John Eckert pp. 34-36.

Bird notes
White-browed Wood-swallow on Kangaroo Island
A.F.C. Lashmar p. 36.

Beautiful Firetails on Kangaroo Island A.F.C. Lashmar p. 36.

Bridled Tern on Troubridge Island R.H. Lovell p. 36.

The Australian Seabird Group p. 36.

XVI International Ornithological Conference Editor p. 37.

The Magpie Emblem H.T. Condon p. 37.

Extension of range of the Blue Wren (Malurus cyaneus) John Eckert pp. 37-38.

Extension of range of the Red-lored Whistler (Pachycephala rufogularis) and comments on some birds of the north-east South Australia John Eckert pp. 38-39.

Western Whipbirds on Kangaroo Island A.F.C. Lashmar pp. 39-40.

1972V26P3Volume 26, Part 3. September 1972


Notes on Eyre Peninsula birds John Eckert pp. 42-47.

Bird report, 1970-71 compiled by Brian Glover pp. 48-54.

Bird notes
Spotted Quail-Thrush recorded
Editor [David Close] p. 54.

Jabiru killed by power line Sir Henry Somerset p. 55.

Ornithological bibliographies, biographies and archives Tess Kloot p. 55.

Display by Golden whistler Brian Crisp p. 55.

The Orange-bellied Parrot in Tasmania David Milledge pp. 56-58.

Birds breeding in Naracoorte district, 1941-1971 A.R. Attiwill pp. 59-64.

1973V26P4Volume 26, Part 4. March 1973


Are the Dusky and Common Moorhens one species? John B. Cox p. 66.

The identification of the smaller Australasian Diomedea, and the status of the Diomedea in South Australia John B. Cox pp. 67-75.

Status, latitudinal and seasonal occurrences of albatross species in Kangaroo Island waters (South Aust.) Nils Swanson pp. 75-77.

Birds of the Goose Island Group, Spencer Gulf D.C. Paton pp. 77-84.

Long-tailed Skua at Robe John B. Cox pp. 85-86.

Some observations of a Pallid Cuckoo’s early life A. Hardy and J. Hardy pp. 87-88.

Book reviews
Woodland birds Eric Simms
reviewed by Michael Smyth p. 88.

Kookaburras Veronica A. Parry reviewed by R.F. Brown p. 89. full text (39kb)

I. Smaller land birds of Australia II. Larger land birds of Australia Gordon Beruldsen reviewed by D.H. Close p. 89.

Birds in Bass Strait Ken Simpson reviewed by Brian Glover p. 89.

Bird notes
Wood-swallows feeding on Sturt Peas
K.J. Mack p. 90.

Black Falcon takes Kestrel K.J. Mack p. 90.

Apostle-birds breeding near Adelaide Mrs J. Saunders pp. 90-91.

Nesting in Mt Lofty Ranges of White-throated Warbler M.J. Arthur p. 91.

Bird report, 1970-71 (continued from previous issue.) compiled by Brian Glover pp. 92-99.

1973V26P5Volume 26, Part 5. September 1973


Alan H. Lendon, 1903-73 C.E. Rix p. 102.

Birds in the Mannum area J.B. Cox pp. 103-114.

Notes on the breeding of the Southern Stone Curlew on the Adelaide Plains (Mrs) M.J. Arthur pp. 115-116.

A further occurrence of the Red-necked Phalarope in South Australia J.B. Cox pp. 116-117.

Southern breeding of the Ground Cuckoo-Shrike John Eckert pp. 118-119.

Further notes on Eyre Peninsula birds John Eckert pp. 119-120.

Bird report, 1971-72 compiled by Brian Glover pp. 121-125.

Book reviews
Fairy Penguins. A brief history with photographs Pauline Reilly
reviewed by H.T. Condon p. 126.

Guide to taxonomic literature of vertebrates Richard E. Blackwelder reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] p. 126.

The handbook of Australian sea-birds D.L. Serventy, Vincent Serventy, John Warham reviewed by H.T.C. [H.T. Condon] pp. 126-127. Additional note: David Condon p. 127.

Territory in the Australian Magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen): an analysis of its size and change Arthur Shurcliff and Kath Shurcliff pp. 127-132.

Bird notes
Arctic Tern record
R.D. Robinson p. 133.

Unusual nesting site of White-browed Wood-Swallows Penelope Reid p. 133.

Sooty Tern in Coffin Bay Colin Gill p. 133, 136.

Southerly winter record of a swift Ross D. Robinson pp. 133-134.

Identification of egrets J.B. Cox pp. 134-135.

1974V26P6Volume 26, Part 6. March 1974

Contents p. 138.

Birds of Streaky Bay John Eckert pp. 138-141.

Southerly breeding of Little Wood-Swallows Brian W. Finch p. 141.

Some birds of north-eastern Eyre Peninsula, S.A. J.B. Cox pp. 142-144.

Bird notes
Southern occurrence of the Oriental Dotterel
E.F. Boehm pp. 144-145

Stubble Quail at sea N.R. Swanson p. 145

Notes on roosting and food of a Boobook Owl J.A. McNamara p. 145

Book reviews
Birds of Australia. A summary of information J.D. McDonald
reviewed by Brian Glover pp. 145-146

List of Queensland birds G.M. Storr reviewed by S.A. Parker pp. 146-148.

1974V26P7Volume 26, Part 7. September 1974

Contents p. 150.

The irruption of Native Hens in South Australia in 1972-73 Bill Matheson pp. 151-156.

First record of Mottled Petrel (Pterodroma inexpectata) for South Australia J.B. Paton p. 156.

The food of waterfowl (Anatidae) in the southern Coorong saltwater habitat of South Australia L.B. Delroy pp. 157-163.

Birds of the Mulligan River and adjacent Simpson Desert area D.M. Cornish and R. Ellis pp. 164-165.

Another Oriental Pratincole in South Australia Brian W. Finch and J.B. Cox p. 166.

A further sighting of the Oriental Pratincole M.J. Opie pp. 166-167.

Bird notes
Hybridism in wood-swallows
E.F. Boehm p. 167

Golden Bronze-cuckoo in dry country E.F. Boehm p. 167

Birds of the Investigator Group with special reference to Flinders Island L. Delroy p. 167

Status of the Fulmar Prion in South Australia R.D. Robinson p. 168.

Letter to the editor. Albatross comment Ross D. Robinson p. 169.

First record of the Spangled Drongo (Chibia bracteata) in South Australia L.P. Pedler pp. 170-171.

1975V26P8Volume 26, Part 8. March 1975

Contents p. 174.

Bird report, 1972-73 compiled by Brian Glover pp. 175-180

Birds of the Gawler Ranges, South Australia J.B. Paton pp. 180-193.

Numbers of waders and water-birds in relation to salinity in the saltfields of Adelaide, South Australia D. Crawford pp. 193-195.

Some observations of birds in the region of Lake Frome and Lake Callabonna: with a note on magpies A.B. Black pp. 196-197.

Letter to the Editor J.B. Cox pp. 197-199.

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