South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 27

Index to Volume 27. 


1975V27P1Volume 27, Part 1. September 1975

Contents  p. 2.

Quails in mid-northern South Australia  L.P. Pedler pp. 3-5.

Southern record of Painted Finch  Leo Joseph p. 5.

The Western Warbler on Eyre Peninsula  Nicholas Reid pp. 6-8.

Eyre Highway magpies  A.B. Black pp. 8-10.

First record of Grey Petrel for South Australia  A.F. Lees p. 10.

The Western Warbler sighted in the Mt. Lofty Ranges  E. and M.S. McNamara p. 11.

Fuscous Honeyeater near Laura  M.T. Templeton pp. 11-12.

Birds seen in forest reserves in South Australia  B.C. Gepp and A.J. Fife pp. 12-17.

Range of the Bourke Parrot  J. Eckert pp. 18-19.

Book reviews
A field guide to Australian birds: passerines Peter Slater
  reviewed by Brian Glover pp. 19-20.

Bird life Ian Rowley  reviewed by D.C. Paton pp. 20-21.

Australian bush birds in colour Irene and Michael Morcombe  reviewed by John Bransbury pp. 21.

Bird notes
Unusual magpie behaviour
  D. Vincent p. 21.

Large Sand Dotterel at Aldinga Reef  A.B. Black pp. 21-22.

Record of Brown Quail at Willunga  A.B. Black p. 22.

Clustering of Dusky Woodswallows  D. Vincent pp. 22-23.

Feral Chestnut-breasted Finches in South Australia  John Eckert p. 23.

Observation of terns fishing at night  Alun Thomas p. 23.

Square-tailed Kite near Adelaide  A.F. Lees p. 23.

1976V27P2Volume 27, Part 2. January 1976

Contents  pp. 26-27.

A review of the Procellariiformes occurring in South Australian waters  John B. Cox pp. 28-82.








1976V27P3Volume 27, Part 3. May 1976

Contents  p. 86.

Editorial p. 87.

Birds of Para Wirra Recreation Park: changes in status over 10 years  Hugh Ford and David Paton pp. 88-95.

Grey Grasswrens and Grass Owls at Goyder’s Lagoon, South Australia  John B. Cox pp. 96-100.

The Little Bittern in South Australia  Brian Glover pp. 100-101.

A Dunlin sighting in South Australia  John L. McKean p. 101.

Bird report, 1973-74  compiled by John B. Cox pp. 102-109.

The Pectoral Sandpiper: an unusual record  John B. Cox pp. 110-111.

Painted Finch at Woomera
  H.L. Bell p. 111.

Leaden Flycather at Naracoorte  A.R. Attiwill p. 111.

Oriental Pratincole in the lower north   L.P. Pedler p. 111.

Masked Plover in the lower north   L.P. Pedler p. 112.

Myiagra species at Bolivar  Brian Glover p. 112.

The Red-lored Whistler near Sandleton  Brian Glover p. 112.

Orange-bellied Parrot at Goolwa  W.K. Loftus p. 112.

Book reviews
The new Australian bird list Interim list of Australian songbirds: passerines R. Schodde  
reviewed by Brian Glover pp. 113-116.

Checklist of the birds of Australia: Part I, non-passerines H.T. Condon  reviewed by [Brian Glover] pp. 116-117.

Ocean wanderers R.M. Lockley  reviewed by J.B. Cox p. 117.

Every Australian bird illustrated edited by Peter Wade  reviewed by John Bransbury and J.B. Cox pp. 117-118.

1976V27P4Volume 27, Part 4. November 1976

Contents  p. 122.

Some notes on the birds of Kangaroo Island  S.A. Parker and A.F.C. Lashmar pp. 123-124.

The birds of the Redcliff Point development area   W.E. Matheson pp. 125-130.

A survey of the Adelaide Botanic Park and Gardens  P.A. Paton pp. 131-134.

The honeyeaters of Kangaroo Island  Hugh Ford pp. 134-138.

Breeding and other notes on Black-shouldered Kites  L.P. Pedler pp. 139-141.

Some notes on the birds of Kangaroo Island  S.A. Parker and A.F.C. Lashmar pp. 123-124.

White-throated Warbler 100km north of Adelaide  R.F. Smyth p. 141.

Two further records of the Red-necked Phalarope  J.A. McNamara p. 142.

The occurrence of the Singing Bushlark Mirafra javanica in north-eastern South Australia   P.F. Lawson and S.A. Parker p. 143.

Further notes on the birds of Groote Eylandt, N.T  S.A. Parker and G.M. Storr p. 144.

Recent records of the Scarlet-chested Parrot  Leo Joseph pp. 144-145.

The Brown Honeyeater in the Northern Territory  Hugh A. Ford pp. 145-146.

First record of the Erect-crested Penguin Eudyptes sclateri from South Australia   B.R. Hutchins and S.A. Parker pp. 146-147.

Bird report, 1975  compiled by Nicholas Reid pp. 147-158.

Bird notes
Dollar bird in Barossa Valley 
W.K. Loftus p. 159.

Brown Falcons and grasshoppers  R. Appleby p. 159.

Do magpies prey on adult birds?  (Mrs) A.H. Dunkley p. 159.

Brown Quail near Auburn  L.P. Pedler p. 159.

Book reviews
Australian parrots in field and aviary Neville W. Cayley, revised by Alan H. Lendon 
reviewed by Leo Joseph p. 160.

1977V27P5Volume 27, Part 5. March 1977

Contents  p. 162.

The birds of Comet Bore (Ninety-mile Plain)  J.H. Hatch pp. 163-172.

Sighting of the Rufous-crowned Emu-wren in the Simpson Desert  Ian A. May p. 172.

Birds recorded at Mt. Rescue Conservation Park  R. Atwood pp. 173-175.

Notes on the distribution of the Chiming and Chirrupping Wedgebills in South Australia  S.A. Parker pp. 175-176.

Royal Albatross at Newland’s Head, S.A.  John B. Cox pp. 177-178.

White-fronted Terns in South Australia and notes on the identification of similar terns  John B. Cox pp. 179-184.

The identity of the Powerful Owl Ninox strenua from Fulham, South Australia  Richard Schodde p. 184.

Magpies attacking Blackbirds  D.C. Paton p. 185.

Aggression in magpies  J.B. Paton p. 185.

The distribution of the emu-wrens Stipiturus malachurus and S. ruficeps mallee in South Australia  John Eckert pp. 186-187.

Observations on the effect of increased rainfall on birdlife in central Australia  Dennis W. Chinner pp. 188-192.

Central Australian records of the Grey-tailed Tattler  Greg Roberts p. 192.

Further notes on the birds of Kangaroo Island  J.H. Hatch pp. 193-194.

Book reviews
Readers Digest complete book of Australian birds consultant editor H.J. Frith  
reviewed by Brian Glover p. 195.

1977V27P6Volume 27, Part 6, September 1977

Contents  p. 198.

The ecology of honeyeaters in South Australia  Hugh A . Ford pp. 199-203.

Records of the Barking Owl from South Australia  S.A. Parker pp. 204-206.

The distribution and occurrence in South Australia of owls of the genus Tyto  S.A. Parker pp. 207-215.

Critical range limits of the Turquoise and Black-backed Wrens in S.A.  Nicholas Reid, J.B. Paton and D.C. Paton pp. 216-221.

Breeding records of the Scarlet-chested Parrot in the Great Victoria Desert, and further records in the lower north-east  R.C. Henderson pp. 222-223.

Myiagra Flycatcher in the Everard Ranges  K.S. Shurcliff p. 224.

Further records of White-fronted Terns  J.B. Cox and Ian A. May pp. 224-225.

Birds of the Goose Island Group – some further remarks  Leo Joseph and Julian Reid p. 225.

Display by Little Grebes  Judy Saunders p. 226.

Birds of Western Australian D.L. Serventy and H.M. Whittell  reviewed by Leo Joseph pp. 226-227.

1977V27P7Volume 27, Part 7. November 1977

Contents  p. 230.

Birds recorded during three visits to the far north-east of South Australia  J.B. Cox and L.P. Pedler pp. 231-250

The Forest Raven Corvus tasmanicus – a new record for South Australia  L.A. Moore pp. 251-253.

The Chestnut Rail at Darwin  G.B. Ragless pp. 254-255.

A Barn Swallow in southern Australia  Lynn P. Pedler pp. 256-257.

A second breeding record of the Chestnut-breasted Whiteface   D. Stewart p. 258.

Sightings from land of the Sooty Albatross  K. Thiele p. 259.

1978V27P8Volume 27, Part 8. July 1978

Contents  p. 262.

The Black Honeyeater: nomad or migrant?  Hugh A. Ford pp. 263-269.

A further irruption of Native-hens in 1975  W.E. Matheson pp. 270-273.

Birds observed near Lakes Frome and Callabonna  L.P. Pedler and G.B. Ragless pp. 274-276.

The status of Satin and Leaden Flycatchers in South Australia with a note on female plumages  Nicholas Reid and J.B. Cox pp. 277-279.

Notes on the birds of Pearson Island  P.E. Hornsby pp. 280-284.

Egrets in the Port Broughton district, S.A.  L.P. Pedler p. 285.

Little Penguin breeding on South Australian mainland  I.A. May p. 286.

Some birds of eastern Eyre Peninsula  L.P. Pedler p. 287.

Bird notes
Spotless Crake in Flinders Chase
  John Seymour p. 288.

Unusual feeding behaviour of swallows  B.J. Brock p. 288.

Little Egret at Arno Bay  Trevor Cox p. 288.