South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 28

1978V28P1Volume 28, Part 1. November 1978

Birds of the River Torrens, Adelaide  R.J. Whatmough pp. 1-15.

Short-tailed Shearwater colonies of the south-east  J.B. Cox pp. 16-17.

The distribution and seasonal occurrence of gannets off the South Australian coast  J.B. Cox pp. 18-20

The Pink Robin in South Australia  D. Rowley and J.B. Paton pp. 21-22.

The Gould’s Petrel and Grey Petrel in South Australia  Ross D. Robinson p. 23.

Sighting of a Rose Robin near Adelaide  Pat Bowie pp. 23-24.

Yellow-plumed and Tawny-crowned Honeyeaters in River Red Gums Nicholas Reid pp. 24-25.

Occurrence of the Grey-backed Storm-Petrel in South Australian waters  I.A. May pp. 25-26.

Range and movements of the Regent Parrot in South Australia  Leo Joseph pp. 26-27.

Bird notes
A Grey Petrel from southern Eyre Peninsula
  C. Gill p. 28.

Dollarbird on Kangaroo Island  A.F.C. Lashmar p. 28.


1979V28P2Volume 28, Part 2. March 1979

Birds of the southern and western Lake Eyre drainage  F.J. Badman pp. 29-55.








1979V28P3Volume 28, Part 3. September 1979

Birds of the southern and western Lake Eyre drainage (concluded) F.J. Badman pp. 57-81.

An unusual concentration of predators near Tea Tree Gully  R. Attwood p. 82.

More records of the White-throated Warbler in South Australia  R. Attwood pp. 82-83.

Sighting of a Grey Falcon at Langhorne Creek  Greg J. Roberts and Anita Smyth p. 83.

First South Australian record of Antarctic Petrel  Greg J. Roberts p. 84.

Book review
Wild Australia – a view of birds and men D. Dorward
  reviewed by Brian Glover p. 84.


1980V28P4Volume 28, Part 4. March 1960

The future of birds in the Mount Lofty Ranges  Hugh Ford and Robert Howe pp. 85-89.

Birds of Belair Recreation Park  C.I. Baxter pp. 90-98.

Records of interest from the Alice Springs region  G.J. Roberts pp. 99-102.

The records of the Speckled Warbler from South Australia  S.A. Parker pp. 102-103.

Wedge Island  J.M. Bonnin and R.C. Angove pp. 104-106.

Observations on the Eastern Reef egret in the Eyre Peninsula Region  C.L. Gill p. 112.

A Cicadabird in Adelaide  Pat Bowie p. 108.

White-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike in the Upper Murray  Roger Jaensch p. 109.

Gulls eating Leucopogon berries  John Bransbury p. 110.

A Chestnut-breasted Whiteface sighting near Tarcoola  Trevor Cox p. 110.

White-throated Needletails in Gulf St Vincent  David Vincent p. 110.

White-bellied Sea-Eagle taking Silver Gull  Colin Gill p. 110.

Great Crested Grebe on Kangaroo Island  Roger Jaensch p. 111.

A White-throated Warbler in the South-east  R.J. Whatmough p. 111.

An influx of White-naped Honeyeater in a Salisbury garden  A. Hardy p. 111.

Freckled Duck at Glenelg  R.J. Whatmough p. 112.

Ruff sighted on Eyre Peninsula  Clinton Garrett p. 112.

Pink Robin in Mt. Lofty Ranges  C.I. Baxter p. 112.


1980V28P5Volume 28, Part 5. September 1980

Samuel White’s ornithological explorations in northern South Australia in 1863  S.A.Parker pp. 113-119.

The birds of Scott Conservation Park  D.C. Paton and J.B. Paton pp. 120-126.

Bird report, 1976.  compiled by Julian Reid pp. 127-137.

Birds at a water trough  D.C. and P.A. Paton pp. 137-138.

A northern record of the Rose Robin  John Truran, Bronwyn Mart & John Bransbury p. 138.

An early breeding record of the Sooty Tern from Kangaroo Island  S.A. Parker pp. 139-140.

Bird notes
Little Bittern at Streaky Bay
  R. Evans p. 140.

Pied Heron at Leigh Creek  R. Storr p. 140.  


1981V28P6Volume 28, Part 6. March 1981

Birds of the Willouran Ranges and adjacent areas  F.J. Badman pp. 141-153.

The Eastern Striated Pardalote Pardalotus striatus ornatus in the south-east of South Australia  Nicholas Reid and John B. Cox pp. 154-155.

The Kelp Gull in South Australia  D.H. Close pp. 155-156.

The Crested Shrike-tit on the Darling and Murray Rivers  Leo Joseph and Julian Reid pp. 157-159.

Recent records of the Grey-crowned Babbler  Catherine Houston pp. 159-160.

Bourke’s Parrot in the western Lake Eyre drainage  Frank J. Badman pp. 161-164.

The status of the Elegant Parrot and the Rock Parrot on Kangaroo Island  C. Baxter and S.A. Parker pp. 164-165.

Interference by Galahs at nest sites of other parrots  F.J. Badman p. 166.

The Nutmeg Mannikin in suburban Adelaide  R.J. Whatmough p. 167.

Obituary: Herbert Thomas Condon  R.F. Brown p. 168.


1981V28P7Volume 28, Part 7. September 1981

A new subspecies of the Southern Emu-wren Stipiturus malachurus from South Australia, with notes on its affinities  Richard Schodde and Richard G. Weatherley pp. 169-170.

Breeding of the White-throated Gerygone in the Aldinga Scrub  C.B. Ashton and E.M. Ashton pp. 170-171.

Some remarks on the birds of Kangaroo Island  C.I. Baxter pp. 172-174.

Observations of water-birds at the Alice Springs sewage ponds Gregory J. Roberts pp. 175-177.

Northern Shoveler at Coongie Lake  D.H. Close and R.P. Jaensch pp. 178-179.

The Brown Honeyeater in South Australia  W.E. Matheson pp. 180-184.

Records of the Painted Honeyeater in South Australia W.E. Matheson pp. 184-185.

The Grey Honeyeater: a review of distribution and variation  J.B. Paton pp. 185-190.

Field observations of the Grey Honeyeater in central Australia Gregory J. Roberts p. 190.

Rock Parrots on Le Fevre Peninsula  J. Winslet p. 191.

Silvereye trapped by seed head of love grass  J.B Paton p. 191.

Book review
A field guide to the birds of Australia by Graham Pizzey, illustrated by Rob Doyle 
 reviewed by Roger Jaensch with contributions by D.H. Close, L.P. Pedler, L. Joseph and S.A. Parker pp. 192-195.

Citation: Erhard Franz Boehm p. 195.

Obituary: A.R. Attiwill by G.B. Ragless p. 196.

Obituary: Brian Ross White by A. Lloyd p. 196.


1982V28P8Volume 28, Part 8. March 1982

The relationships of the Australo-Papuan treecreepers and sitellas S.A. Parker pp. 197-200.

Little Ringed Plover at Bool Lagoon  Roger Jaensch pp. 201-204.

A South Australian record of the Little Ringed Plover  Kent Treloar and Len Underwood p. 204.

Recent records of the Oriental Plover  D.H. Close pp. 205-206.

An Oriental Plover in the mid-north of South Australia  Lynn Pedler p. 207.

The Swift Parrot – some notes on its occurrence in South Australia and a recent record  Catherine Houston pp. 207-208.

The records of the Glossy Black-Cockatoo from the south-east of South Australia  S.A. Parker pp. 209-210.

Offshore sightings of Procellariiformes in South Australia  D.H. Close pp. 210-213.

Additional notes on seabirds recorded in South Australia  S.A. Parker and I.A. May pp. 213-216.

Range extensions of Gilbert’s Whistler  Leo Joseph and Rob Kernot pp. 217-218. (118kb)

Breeding of the Rainbow Bee-eater on Kangaroo Island  T. Fraser p. 218.

The Painted Snipe breeding at Strathalbyn  J. Fairley and J. Mark Bonnin p. 219.

A Grey Wagtail in Southern Australia  G.J. Sara p. 220.

A specimen of the Torresian Crow from Eringa  F.J. Badman pp. 220-221.

A sight record of the Cattle Egret near Oodnadatta  F.J. Badman p. 222.

Book reviews
Learning about Australian birds by Rosemary Balmford
  reviewed by J.A. McNamara p. 223.

Birds for beginners. How birds live and behave by J.D. McDonald reviewed by J.A. McNamara, Leo Joseph pp. 223-224.

Birds of Australian gardens by Peter Trusler  reviewed by Ross Reid p. 224.