South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 32

Index to Volume 32. 


1994V32P1Volume 32, Part 1. October 1994

The status, distribution and habitat of the Slender-billed Thornbill Acanthiza iredalei in South Australia  Jamie Matthew. pp. 1-19.  

Bird notes
First record of a Brush Cuckoo in South Australia
  K. Figwer and R.E. Britten-Jones. p. 20.  

A second record of the Brush Cuckoo in South Australia  J.B. Paton, R.E. Britten-Jones, K. Figwer and A. Holder. p. 21.  

New Holland Honeyeaters attempting to feed and brood nestling Willie Wagtails  J.B. Paton and B.C. Paton. pp. 21-22.  

Orange-bellied Parrot Neophema chrysogaster at Chinaman’s Creek  Wally Klau and Peter Langdon. p. 22-23.  

Obituary: Allen Frederick Cooper Lashmar 1917-1993  Terry Dennis. p. 24.  

1995V32P2Volume 32, Part 2. March 1995

Observations of coexistence between Adelaide and Eastern rosellas (Platycercus spp.) in Adelaide  M. Penck, J.C. Torcello and K.J. Anderson. pp. 25-32.  

Monitoring of Cape Barren Goose populations in South Australia III. The 1990 breeding season and the re-establishment on Reevesby Island A.C. Robinson, R. de Groot and T.S. Fraser pp. 33-38.  

Bird notes
A record of the Red-lored Whistler on Eyre Peninsula
  Jamie Matthew, Tim Croft, Graham Carpenter pp. 39-40.  

Red-tailed Tropicbirds and other birds of South Neptune Islands  Deborah Jordon p. 41.  

Anting by a House Sparrow  E.F. Boehm p. 42.  

Obituary: Erhard Boehm 8 April 1911 – 14 September 1994  John Seymour. p. 43.  

1995V32P3Volume 32, Part 3. November 1995

The range and status of the Nullarbor Quail-thrush  Lynn Pedler and Allan H. Burbidge. pp. 45-52.  

The Singing Bushlark Mirafra javanica in the South East of South Australia  John Eckert. pp. 53-57. [+ Corrigenda].  

The ecology of the Grass Owl Tyto capensis south of Lake Eyre  John Read. pp. 58-60.  

Bird notes
An Emblema pictum in the southern Flinders Ranges
  T.E. and H.M. Dennis. p.60.  

Unusual nest sites of the Wedge-tailed Eagle Aquila audax  G.B. Ragless. p. 61.  

First South Australian record of the Oriental Cuckoo Cuculus saturatus  John Read. pp. 62-63.  

Rainbow Lorikeets feeding on casuarina seeds and apricot leaves  Penny Paton. p. 63.  

Some observations of petal carrying and display by Superb Fairy-wren Malurus cyaneus  Marcus Pickett. p. 64.  

1996V32P4&5Volume 32, Parts 4 & 5. May 1996

The use of hollows by birds and mammals in dead river red gum and black box trees at Disher Creek, Murray River National Park, South Australia  Jody Adam Gates. pp. 65-75.  

An annotated bird list from the Davenport Range, South Australia  Philip Gee, Ifeta Gee and John Read. pp. 76-81.  

Bird notes
Fruit in the diet of the Crested Pigeon: opportunism that ‘makes’ a highly successful species  
Julian Read. pp. 82-83.  

Recent nesting of Baillon’s Crake on Kangaroo Island  Graham A. Carpenter. p. 84.  

The diet and habits of several small passerines at a small timber mill  Marcus Pickett. p. 85.  

Red-browed Pardalote Pardalotus rubricatus in the Flinders Ranges  Peter Hornsby. pp. 86-87.  

Further sighting of Leaden Flycatcher at Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park  C.B. and E.M. Ashton. p. 87.  

An unusual foraging habitat of the Red-capped Plover  M.A. Weston. p. 88.  

A Rufous Fantail at Langhorne Creek  John Eckert.  pp. 88-89.  

An Oriental Pratincole near Port Wakefield  Paul W. Taylor.  p. 89.

Australian Magpie feeding on pine seeds  Penny Paton. p. 90.  

Corrigendum p. 90.  

A Barn Swallow near Nantawarra  Paul W. Taylor. p. 91.  

Copulation behaviour in a Magpie-lark pair immediately after the death of the young  Michelle G. Brennan and Andrew N. Kenner. pp. 91-92.  

Book review
Field guide to the birds of Australia by Ken Simpson and Nicholas Day
  reviewed by Ross Reid. p. 92.  

1996V32P6Volume 32, Part 6. October 1996

Changes in the avifauna using Aldinga Conservation Park  C.B. Ashton. pp. 93-98.

Southern range extensions of Flock Bronzewings Phaps histrionica in South Australia including a breeding record  John Read, Peter Bird and Colin Greenfield. pp. 99-102.  

Revision of the distribution of the Red-lored Whistler in South Australia  Jamie Matthew, Graham Carpenter and Tim Croft. pp. 103-107.  

Large flock of Scarlet-chested Parrots in the Great Victoria Desert  David A. Stewart and Mark D.S. Shephard. pp. 107-109.  

Bird note
An additional record of the Red-lored Whistler from the northern Murray Mallee 
Ian R.K. Sluiter and Gerard C. O’Neill. p. 110.  

Book review
Handbook of Australian, New Zealand & Antarctic Birds. Volume 3: Snipe to pigeons edited by P.J. Higgins and S.J.J.F. Davies
  reviewed by John Eckert. pp. 111-112.

List of English and scientific bird names, recommended for use in papers submitted to the South Australian Ornithologist pp. i-viii.  

1997V32P7Volume 32, Part 7. April 1997

Comments on the distribution of five bird species in the Flinders Ranges: some new data and a reappraisal of historical records  Julian Reid, Piers Brissenden, Jim Puckridge, Graham Carpenter and Penny Paton. pp. 113-118.  

Records of birds seen at Brindana Gorge, in the north Flinders Ranges, South Australia  Peter Hornsby. pp. 118-127.  

Birds of Aldinga Reef and the adjacent beach of Aldinga Bay  Colin B. Ashton and Andrew B. Black. pp. 128-131.  

Notes on some mallee birds of the far south-west of South Australia  Graham A. Carpenter and Jamie S. Matthew. pp. 134-139.  

Bird notes
Swamp Harrier taking Silver Gull
  Pat Ashfield and Pat Hutchins. p. 140.  

An unusual nesting sight of the White-winged Chough  Lizzy Lewis. pp. 140-141.  

Specimen of the Grey-faced Petrel for South Australia  Ross D. Robinson. pp. 142-143.  

‘Swarming’ of White-breasted Woodswallows  Colin B. and Elizabeth M. Ashton p. 144.  

1997V32P8Volume 32, Part 8. October 1997

Habitat use and abundance of dryland birds in heritage areas in the upper south east of South Australia  Maxwell L. Possingham and Hugh P. Possingham. pp. 145-160.   

Decline of the Yellow-rumped Thornbill in an urban parkland  Robert J. Whatmough. pp. 161-164.  

Pink Robins in South Australia  Andrew B. Black. pp. 164-166.  

Bird notes
A breeding site of the Nankeen Night Heron
  Anthony J. Bainbridge. p. 167.  

Pre-copulation displays by three species of woodswallows  John Eckert. p. 168.  

An addendum to ‘Comments on the distribution of five bird species in the Flinders Ranges: some new data and a reappraisal of historical records’  Peter Hornsby. p. 169.

Observations of Black-chinned Honeyeaters breeding in the Hackham area during July/August 1994  Suzanne Elsworth. p. 170.  

Large flocks of Inland Dotterel near Port Wakefield  John Hatch. p. 171.  

Book reviews
Adelaide’s birds by Hilary Thompson
  reviewed by Janet A. Pedler. p. 172.