South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 33

Index to Volume 33. 


Volume 33, Parts 1 & 2. September 1998


Further notes on the birds of the Gawler Ranges  Chris Baxter and Penny A. Paton. pp. 1-15.  

Bird notes
Distribution of the Blue-breasted Fairy-wren near the South Australian-Western Australian border 
Ian Rowley and Eleanor Russell. p. 16.

Observation of a male Painted Honeyeater on the Fleurieu Peninsula  Deb Hopton. pp. 17-18.  

Satin Flycatchers in the Mount Lofty Ranges  Colin Rich. pp. 18-20.  

A second Satin Flycatcher record on Kangaroo Island  Chris Baxter. pp. 20-21.  

A female Rose Robin in the Mount Lofty Ranges  Colin Rich. pp. 22-23.  

Dusky Woodswallows at Innamincka Regional Reserve  Chris Baxter. pp. 23-24.  

Observations of a Painted Snipe Rostratula benghalensis and Great Egret in the north Flinders Ranges  Peter Hornsby. pp. 25-26.  

The identification of four bird species from Brindana Gorge, northern Flinders Ranges 
Peter Hornsby. pp. 26-27.  

Book reviews  
The field guide to the birds of Australia by Graham Pizzey  reviewed by David Edey. pp. 28-29.

Wildlife management manual: The Gawler Ranges and Kingoonya soil conservation districts by Harold Ehmann and Rodger Tynan  reviewed by Vicki-Jo Russell. pp. 29-30.

Obituary: Cecil E. Rix, AM  pp. 31-32.  

Corrigenda p. 32.  

Volume 33, Parts 3 & 4. December 1999


A survey of the avifauna of the River Torrens Linear Park, Adelaide  Penny A. Paton and Janet A. Pedler. pp. 33-46.  

First sight and breeding record of the Spinifexbird Eremiornis carteri in South Australia  Deb Hopton and Peter Copley pp. 47-50.  

Preliminary observations on acoustic perception of alarm calls and natural sounds by Australian owls and frogmouths  Monette Swanson and Kent J. Sanderson pp. 51-55.  

A further sighting of Baillon’s Crake on Kangaroo Island, with comments on the importance of wetlands  Chris Baxter  pp. 55-56.  

Does the Red-tailed Tropicbird nest on the Neptune Islands  Michael K. Tarburton.  p. 57.  

A suspect remnant population of White-browed Scrubwren  John Eckert.  p. 58.  

A Square-tailed Kite record from near Blewett Springs, South Australia  A. Read.  pp. 58-59.  

A White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike near Nantawarra  Paul Taylor.  p. 59.  

Conspecific and co-operative killing in New Holland Honeyeaters  Michelle Ludewigs.  p. 60.  

Australian Hobbies taking flying ants  Michelle Ludewigs.  p. 60.  

Hunting association between Australian Hobby and Pied Butcherbird  Michelle Ludewigs.  p. 62.  

Book Review
The best of Australian birds by Dave Watts
  reviewed by Ross Reid. pp. 63.  

Volume 33, Part 5. June 2000


Nest and eggs of Musk Ducks Biziura lobata at Murray Lagoon, Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park, Kangaroo Island, South Australia  Kevin G. McCracken, Alan D. Afton and David Paton. pp. 65-70.  

The terrestrial birds of the Roxby Downs area: a ten year history  John L. Read, F. Roy Ebden and Peter Donohue. pp. 71-83.  

Bird notes
Lek behaviour in the Musk Duck
  Joan Paton. pp. 83-84.  

Observation of Australian Ravens fishing in the River Murray  D. Mitchell and C. Attwood. p. 84.  

Fish baiting behaviour observed in Striated Heron Butorides striatus  Josephine Pyle. pp. 85-86.  

Book Reviews
Field guide to the birds of Australia by Ken Simpson, Nicholas Day and Peter Trusler
  reviewed by Val Mobley. pp. 86-87.

Field guide to Tasmanian Birds by Dave Watts  reviewed by Ross Reid. p. 87.

The Directory of Australian Birds. Passerrines by Richard Schodde and Ian J. Mason  reviewed by Philippa Horton. pp. 88-90.

Obituary: Joan B. Paton, AM 1916-2000  Bill Matheson. pp. 91-92.  

Volume 33, Part 6. November 2000


A literature summary of the Princess Parrot Polytelis alexandrae and a suspected breeding event in South Australia  Chris Baxter and Rod Henderson. pp. 93-108.  

Bird notes
Conspecific killing by a Willie Wagtail 
C.B. and E.M. Ashton. p. 109.  

First record of a South Georgian Diving-Petrel from South Australia  P. Horton, M. Penck, K. Bartram and P. Coulls. pp. 109-111.  

Myiagra Flycatcher near Innamincka, South Australia  D. Larkins. pp. 112-113.  

Book review
Birds, birders & birdwatching 1899-1999: a celebration of one hundred years of The South Australian Ornithological Association edited by Roger Collier, John Hatch, Bill Matheson and Tony Russell  
reviewed by Mick Fendley. pp. 113-114.  

Corrigenda p. 113.  

Volume 33, Part 7. May 2001


Monitoring of Cape Barren Goose populations in South Australia iv. The 1996 breeding season and the summering population  A.C. Robinson, T. Gerschwitz and C. Halstead. pp. 117- 126.  

The birds of Munyaroo Conservation Park and adjoining coast  T. Cox. pp. 127-131.  

Observation of birds at Tumby Bay Sewage Ponds  T. Cox. pp. 132-134.  

First confirmed breeding record of Grey Goshawks in South Australia  R. Green. pp. 134 -136.

Notes on the diet of the Barn Owl Tyto alba from Mulyungarie Station in north-eastern South Australia  R.A. Palmer. pp. 137-138.  

First record of the Black-faced Monarch in South Australia  J. Eckert. p. 139.  

A second record of the Black-faced Monarch Monarcha melanopsis for South Australia  C. Rogers. p. 140.  

Book reviews 
Field guide to Australian birds by Michael Morcombereviewed by D. Edey pp. 141- 142.  

South Australia wader surveys. January and February 2000 by J.R. Wilson  reviewed by D. Edey p. 143.  

Volume 33, Part 8. November 2001


Birds at the ‘Washpool’, Sellicks Beach, an ephemeral degraded swamp, prior to planned restoration  C.B. Ashton. pp. 145-155.  

The pre-dawn call of the White-plumed honeyeater Lichenostomus penicillatus  H.W. Crouch pp. 156-163.  

First South Australian records of the Black-necked Stork Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus and occurence of vagrants in south-western Queensland  C.I. Baxter, J.R.W. Reid and R.P. Jaensch. pp. 164-169.  

Corrigenda p. 169.  

Bird notes
A breeding record of Bourke’s Parrot south of Lake Frome, with a review of its distribution in South Australia 
A.B. Black. pp. 170-172.  

Recent records of the Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus north of the River Murray  G. Carpenter and M. de Jong. pp. 173-174.  

A far inland sighting of a frigatebird near Broken Hill, New South Wales   A.B. Black. pp. 175-176.  

Book Reviews
Feathers and brush: three centuries of Australian bird art by Penny Olsen.  
D. Vincent. pp. 177-178. 

Birds of the Barham district, New South Wales and Victoria: an historical summary 1930-1999. by Peter Disher  J. Eckert. pp. 178-179.   

The Action Plan for Australian Birds 2000 by S. T. Garnett and G.M. Crowley.   Vicki-Jo Russell. pp. 179-180.