South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 37

Index to Volume 37. 


Volume 37, Part 1. March 2011



Distribution and status of White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Haliaeetus leucogaster, and Eastern Osprey, Pandion cristatus, populations in South Australia  T.E. Dennis, S.A. Detmar; A.V. Brooks and H.M. Dennis. pp. 1-16.  

Birds of the Para Wirra Recreation Park, and some comparisons over forty years  Frank Day. pp. 17-31.   

Bird report 2009  Colin Rogers. pp. 32-42.   

Bird notes
Sallying behaviour by Varied Sittella  
Robert Green. pp. 43-44.   

Book reviews
Parrots of the world. Joseph M. Forshaw and Frank Knight  
reviewed by Leo Joseph. pp. 45-46.   

Invisible connections: Why migrating shorebirds need the Yellow Sea. Jan van de Jam, Phil Battley, Brian McCaffery, Danny Rogers, Jae-Sang Hong, Nial Moores, Ju Yung-Ki, Jan Lewis & Theunis Piersma   reviewed by Colin Rogers pp. 46-47.  

Volume 37, Part 2. November 2011


Comparison of survey methods for detection of the elusive Western Whipbird Psophodes nigrogularis with notes on its distribution  Angela McGuire, Greg Johnston, Jeremy Robertson and Sonia Kleindorfer. pp. 49-59. 

Distribution and habitats of the Thick-billed Grasswren Amytornis modestus and comparison with the Western Grasswren Amytornis textilis myall in South Australia  Andrew Black, Graham Carpenter and Lynn Pedler. pp. 60-80. 

Comparative bird surveys for the Mulyungarie and Bulgunnia pastoral properties in northern South Australia  Chris Baxter. pp. 81-95.   

Bird notes
An observation of Wandering Whistling-Duck in outback South Australia  
Peter Waanders. pp. 96-97. 

Book reviews
The complete guide to finding the birds of Australia (Second Edition). Richard Thomas, Sarah Thomas, David Andrew and Alan McBride  
reviewed by Brian Walker. pp. 98-99.