South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 38

Index to Volume 38. 




Sex determination by morphology in New Holland Honeyeaters, Phylidonyris novaehollandiae: contrasting two popular techniques across regions  Steven Myers, David C. Paton and Sonia Kleindorfer. pp. 1-11.  

Bird Report 2010  Colin Rogers. pp. 12-23.  

Bird Notes
Ravens in the Adelaide region  
Andrew Black, Philippa Horton, Lynn Pedler and Graham Carpenter. pp. 24-27.  

Bird notes
Recent record of Plum-headed Finch on Cooper Creek in north-east of South Australia  
Terry Dennis. pp. 28-29.  

Notes on Amytornis modestus collected by J.R.B. Love and A.L. Merrotsy in 1913  Graham Carpenter. pp. 30-34.

Bird notes
An unusual interaction with Australian Magpies  
Andrew Robertson. pp. 34-35.  

Bird notes
Australian Magpies attacking the missed prey of a Peregrine Falcon  
Jeremy Robertson. pp. 36-37.  

Book Review
Sentinel Chickens: what birds tell us about our health and ther world. Peter Doherty  
Rod Attwood. pp. 37-38.  

Errata and corrigenda  pp. 39-40.