South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 40

Index to Volume 40. 

Volume 40, Part 1. November 2014.


Early records of the Painted Finch, Emblema pictum Gould, 1942 and a review of its status in South Australia  Andrew Black and Philippa Horton. pp. 1-10.

Breeding behaviour and prey of Black Falcons, Falco subniger, including food-caching  D. Charley, H. Lutter and S.J.S. Debus. pp. 11-30.

Bird notes
A recent record of Osprey nesting in mangroves in South Australia  
T.E. Dennis and A.V. Brooks. pp. 31-33.

Black-tailed Nativehen roosting behaviour at Paiwalla Wetland Peter Koch. pp. 34-35.

The White-plumed Honeyeater on Eyre Peninsula G. Carpenter and E. Smith. pp. 36-38.

The Spotted Dove on Eyre Peninsula G. Carpenter and E. Smith. pp. 38-39.

Obituary: Frank Richard Hewett Chapman Andrew Black. pp. 40-42.

Book Review
Finding Australian birds: a field guide to birding locations. Tim Dolby and Rohan Clarke, 2014  
Colin Rogers. pp. 43-44. 

Volume 40, Part 2. May 2015


Range expansion of the Crested Pigeon, Ocyphaps lophotes, in South Australia  Andrew Black. pp. 45-61.

Records of Little Stint, Calidris minuta, in Australia, 1977-2013, with comments on plumage phases  Colin Rogers and John Cox. pp. 62-75.

Brown Thornbills in South Australia: recognising the Mount Lofty Ranges subspecies Acanthiza pusilla samueli Mathews 1913  Andrew Black. pp. 76-85.

Book Review. Where song began: Australia’s birds and how they changed the world. Tim Low, 2014. Review 2 John Hatch. pp. 88-89.

Obituary: Robert Frederick (Bob) Brown  Andrew Black. pp. 90-95.