South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 45

Index to Volume 45 

Volume 45, Part 1 (July 2020) 


An early Australian specimen of Hudsonian Godwit
(Scolopacidae: Limosa haemastica), with a review of
recent records.
Philippa Horton and Richard Schodde pp. 1-11.

The Birds SA Rare Bird Committee (SARC): a report on submissions 2006 – 2019. Andrew Black, Colin Rogers and John Fennell pp. 12-22.

Bird Report, 2011-2015: Part 2, Passerines.
Graham Carpenter and Philippa Horton pp. 23-36.

Bird Note
The Occurrence of White-fronted Tern, Sterna striata, in the South East of South Australia.
Jeff Campbell and Robert Green pp. 37-40.

Book Reviews
Oceanic Birds of the World: a Photo Guide. Steve N.G. Howell and Kirk Zufeldt, 2019. Colin Rogers pp. 41-42.

Australian Bird Names: Origins and Meanings, Second Edition. Ian Fraser and Jeannie Gray, 2019. David Hansman p. 43.

Volume 45, Part 2 (February 2021) 


Birds of The Greater Reedbeds, Adelaide Plains. Penny Paton pp. 45-84.

Records of the Night Parrot Pezoporus occidentalis in South Australia, including its ‘rediscovery’ in the North East in 1979 and a review of its habitat use. Philippa Horton, Andrew Black, Julian Reid and Ian McAllan pp. 85-117.

Bird Notes
Plains-wanderers in the North West and Nullarbor regions, South Australia. Ian Hopton and Graham Carpenter pp. 118-122.

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos feeding on Common Stork’s Bill Erodium cicutarium. Graham Carpenter pp. 123-124.

Book Reviews
Passions in Ornithology: A Century of Australian Egg Collectors. Ian J. Mason and Gilbert H. Pfitzner, 2020 Philippa Horton pp. 125-127.