Woakwine Conservation Park

Where is it?: Woakwine Conservation Park is located 8 kilometres east of Robe on the Old Naracoorte Road off the Southern Ports Highway. The park is split by Drain L. 

Owner: Department for Environment and Water

Property summary: Total area 424 hectares. Hundred of Waterhouse – Allotment 3 and 5 (Deposited Plan 29451). 

Natural Resources Management Region: Natural Resources South East

History: This park was dedicated on 11 November 1993. 

Habitat: Two vegetation associations exist with the park:

  • Coastal White Mallee (Eucalyptus diversifolia) Open scrub is the dominant association in the northern and southern sections.
  • South Australian Blue Gum (E. leucoxylon)/Pink Gum (E. fasciculosa) Open woodland in the swales.

Both associations are over a heath understorey predominantly of Coast Beard-heath (Leucopogon parviflorus) and Myrtle Wattle (A. myrtif0lia), Golden Wattle (A. pycnantha) and Prickly Moses (Acacia verticillata ssp. ovoidea).

More information: DEW

Total Species Recorded to Date: 91 (non-passerines 43, passerines 48 )

Common Species: Superb Fairywren, Red Wattlebird, White-browed Scrubwren, Brown Thornbill, Australian Magpie

Less Common Species: Eastern Spinebill, New Holland Honeyeater, Grey Shrikethrush, Beautiful Firetail

Updated: 24/07/2019

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