South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 31

Index to Volume 31. 


Volume 31, Part 1. May 1990


Birds recorded at Lake Torrens during its 1989 flooding  K. Bellchambers and G. Carpenter pp. 1-7.  

Breeding records of Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) and Scarlet-chested Parrots (Neophema elegans) within the Yellabinna Wilderness Area  K. Bellchambers and G. Carpenter pp. 8-12.  

Bird note
Birds feeding on Thread Iris bulbs 
E.F. Boehm p. 12.  

Observations of Flock Pigeons in South Australia  T.S. Fraser pp. 13-15.  

Orange-bellied Parrots feeding on a cultivated crop  John Eckert pp. 16-17.  

Bird note
Wedge-tailed Eagle catching a Galah in mid air
  M.E. and T.B. Blevis p. 17.  

A sighting of the White-rumped Sandpiper in South Australia  J.B. Cox and A.F. Lees pp. 18-19.  

First record of the King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus  P. Horton and D. Willis pp. 20-22.  

A Grey Phalarope in South Australia  Marilyn J. Hewish, Catherine S. Hawes and Dean R. Hewish pp. 23-25.  

Book review  
Nature’s pilgrim by Rob Linn
  reviewed by David Vincent pp. 25-27.

A garden of birds: Australian birds in Australian gardens by Graham Pizzey  reviewed by Penny Paton p. 28.

Volume 31, Part 2. September 1990


The fossil avian assemblage from Weekes Cave (N-15), Nullarbor Plain, South Australia: corrections, additions and reinterpretation  R.F. Baird pp. 29-35.  

Plumage, eggs and nest building behaviour in the Rufous Whistler super species  Walter F. Boles pp. 35-38.  

The measurement of Cooper’s Sandpiper and the occurrence of a similar bird in South Australia  John B. Cox pp. 38-43.  

The re-establishment of Magpie Geese at Bool Lagoon, South Australia  M.J. Harper pp. 44-47.  

Observations of a Hudsonian Godwit in South Australia  John B. Cox pp. 48-50.  

The discovery of the Carpentarian Grasswren – the original location  Micahel J. Fleming and Bruce Strong pp. 50-53.  

Bird notes
Mistletoebirds taking nectar
  J.B. Paton p. 53.  

Field observations of Glossy Black Cockatoos  Larry Bebbington p. 54. [+ Corrigenda].  

Skuas inland  John Eckert p. 55.  

A late breeding record of the Hooded Plover  John Bransbury pp. 55-56.  

Book review
Eric Hosking’s wildfowl Photographs by Eric Hosking, text by Janet Kear
  reviewed by David Close p. 56.  

Volume 31, Part 3. March 1991


The Square-tailed Kite Lophoictinia isura in South Australia  S.J.S. Debus pp. 57-71.  

Bird notes
Range extensions for the Flock Pigeon in South Australia
  John L. Read p. 72.  

Movement of a Mallard from New Zealand to South Australia  J.B. Paton p. 73.  

Elegant Parrots breeding in the Gawler Ranges  M. Chapple, E.A. Lewis p. 73.  

Mimicry by Mistletoebird  David H. Close p. 74.  

An Oriental Pratincole at the Dry Creek saltfields  R.I. & H.J. Lloyd p. 74.  

Mammal dung in bird’s nests  E.F. Boehm p. 74.  

Sightings of the Square-tailed Kite near Adelaide  John B. Cox p. 75.  

Interesting wader records from the interior  J.B. Cox (Editor) pp. 76-77.  

Obituary: Glen M. Storr  Leo Joseph p. 78.  

Volume 31, Part 4. March 1992


Review of the status and distribution of the Chestnut-breasted Whiteface Aphelocephala pectoralis  Lynn Pedler pp. 79-93.  

Bird notes
A Masked Owl in the north-east of South Australia 
J.J. Francis pp. 93-94.  

Sacred Ibis breeding at Cudlee Creek  R.J. Whatmough p. 94.  

Seabird – dolphin association  Michael I. Bossley, Susan K. Boord pp. 95-96.  

Fairy Tern records from south-eastern South Australia  John Bransbury p. 97.  

Book reviews  
Australian waterbirds: a field guide by Richard Kingsford
  reviewed by Roger Jaensch p. 98.

Phylogeny and classification of birds: a study in molecular evolution by Charles Sibley and Jon E. Alquist  Reviewed by Leo Joseph pp. 98-101.

Obituary: Mark Bonnin  Roger Angove p. 102.  

Corrigendum  p. 102.

Volume 31, Part 5. October 1992


Patterns to the distribution and abundance of Mallards, Pacific Black Ducks and their hybrids in South Australia in 1987  J.B. Paton, R. Storr, L. Delroy and L. Best p. 147.  

A review of records of the Northern Shrike-tit Falcunculus frontatus whitei in northwestern Australia  D. Robinson and J.C.Z. Woinarski p. 111.  

Notes on the feeding patterns of the Long-billed Corella, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and Galah in southeastern Australia  W.B. Emison and D.G. Nicholls p. 117.  

Bird notes
Rose Robins at South Para Reservoir
  R. Kernot and S. Hocking p. 122.  

Records of the Slate-backed Thornbill from the Great Victoria Desert  J. Matthew and R. Kernot p. 123.  

Records of the Little Woodswallow Artamus minor in the Gawler Ranges   J. Matthew p. 124.  

Wedge-tailed Eagle: a cannibal  G.B. Ragless p. 124.  

Western records of the Mallee Emu-wren Stipiturus mallee  G.A. Carpenter and J. Matthew p. 125.  

Your new editorial board  p. 126.  

Volume 31, Part 6. April 1993


Recent bird records from east of Lake Gairdner, Gawler Ranges, S.A.  Jamie Matthew and Graham Carpenter pp. 127-12.51.  

Patterns of damage to cherry buds by Adelaide Rosellas Platycercus elegans adelaidae in the southern Mt Lofty Ranges  A.M. Fisher pp. 132-140.  

Analysis of pellets disgorged by White-face Herons  J.B. Paton and K. Beasley pp. 141-142.  

Bird notes
Southern Emu-wrens in the Koppio Hills
  H.P. Possingham p. 143.  

A new food source for Glossy Black Cockatoo  J.W. Pepper pp. 144-145.  

Further comments on the Square-tailed Kite in South Australia  S.J.S. Debus pp. 145-146.  

Notes on the 1991 breeding of Square-tailed Kites on the upper Murray River in South Australia  T.S. Fraser p. 147.  

Obituary: Shane Alwyne Parker  Philippa Horton pp. 148-150.  

Volume 31, Part 7. July 1994


A second bird atlas of the Adelaide region. Part 1: Changes in the distribution of birds: 1974-75 vs. 1984-1985  David C. Paton, Graham Carpenter and Ron G. Sinclair pp. 151-193.  








Volume 31, Part 8. July 1994


A second bird atlas of the Adelaide region. Part 2: Distribution maps 1984-1985  pp. 195-265.