South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 47

Volume 47, Part 1, July 2022


Plumage diversity in the Adelaide Rosella: a case for taxonomic revision Andrew Black, Greg Johnston, David Donato, Greg Dare and Brian Blaylock. pp. 1-21.

The Spotted Bowerbird in South Australia Graham Carpenter. pp. 22-32.

Bird Notes
First record of White Wagtail Motacilla alba for South Australia Colin Rogers, Teresa Jack and William Brooker pp. 33-35.

Little Ravens Corvus mellori feeding on pine seeds Penny Paton pp. 36-37.

Phenotypic separation of three divergent taxa within the Splendid Fairywren Malurus splendens Andrew Black, Philippa Horton, Greg Johnston and Brian Blaylock pp. 38-43.

Book Reviews
Seabirds: the New Identification Guide by Peter Harrison, Martin Perrow and Hans Larsson Colin Rogers pp. 44-46.

Flight of the Budgerigar: an Illustrated History by Penny Olsen Merilyn Browne pp. 47-47.

Volume 47, Part 2, February 2023


What is the evidence of contact and interaction between the two divergent lineages of Splendid Fairywren Malurus splendens in South Australia? Andrew Black, Philippa Horton, Greg Johnston and Brian Blaylock. pp. 49-68.

Bird Notes
A Western Sandpiper Calidris mauri in Gulf St Vincent, South Australia Paul Taylor. pp. 69-71.

Agonistic behaviour from Noisy Miners Manorina melanocephala toward Australian Magpies Gymnorhina tibicen swooping humans Mathew Mo pp. 72-73.

Display behaviour by Sharp-tailed Sandpipers Calidris acuminata Colin Rogers pp. 74-77.

Foraging and feeding behaviour of Greater Sand Plover Charadrius leschenaultii and Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus in Gulf St Vincent, South Australia Colin Rogers pp. 78-81.

Obituary: Brian James Blaylock
13 July 1947 to 8 August 2022 Philippa Horton pp. 82-86.

Book Reviews
Curlews on Vulture by Darryl Jones, 2022 Philippa Horton pp. 87-87.