South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 47

Volume 47, Part 1, July 2022


Plumage diversity in the Adelaide Rosella: a case for taxonomic revision Andrew Black, Greg Johnston, David Donato, Greg Dare and Brian Blaylock. pp. 1-21.

The Spotted Bowerbird in South Australia Graham Carpenter. pp. 22-32.

Bird Notes
First record of White Wagtail Motacilla alba for South Australia Colin Rogers, Teresa Jack and William Brooker pp. 33-35.

Little Ravens Corvus mellori feeding on pine seeds Penny Paton pp. 36-37.

Phenotypic separation of three divergent taxa within the Splendid Fairywren Malurus splendens Andrew Black, Philippa Horton, Greg Johnston and Brian Blaylock pp. 38-43.

Book Reviews
Seabirds: the New Identification Guide by Peter Harrison, Martin Perrow and Hans Larsson Colin Rogers pp. 44-46.

Flight of the Budgerigar: an Illustrated History by Penny Olsen Merilyn Browne pp. 47-47.

Volume 47, Part 2 (February 2023)

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