South Australian Ornithologist, Volume 30

Index to Volume 30. 


1986V30P1Volume 30, Part 1. March 1986

The Funereal Cockatoo on Eyre Peninsula H.P. Possingham pp. 1-4.

The decline and present status of the Black-eared Miner in South Australia Leo Joseph pp. 5-13.

First breeding record of the Fleshy-footed Shearwater in South Australia A.C. Robinson, A. Spiers and S.A. Parker pp. 13-14.

Oceanic sightings of the Black-bellied Storm-Petrel and other seabirds off South Australia Neil Cheshire pp. 15-18.

A breeding colony of Little Egrets near Torrens Island David J. Vincent and Penny Paton p. 19.

Colonial breeding of the Little Egret Ardea garzetta at Price, South Australia Kent Treloar, Len Underwood and Julian Reid p. 20.

Painted Honeyeater in north-eastern South Australia J.A. McNamara p. 21.

Little Wood Swallows at Buckaringa Gorge in the southern Flinders Ranges Leo Joseph p. 22.

Bird note
A second specimen of the Rufous Fantail from South Australia
Herman Bakker, Shane Parker p. 23.

Motacilla wagtail sighting in Alligator Gorge V.A. Natt p. 24.

Bird notes
Brown Quail breeding in mid-northern South Australia
Lynn P. Pedler pp. 24-25.

Brown Quail on the upper Murray Julian Reid p. 25.

Brown Honeyeater near Coober Pedy J.A. McNamara p. 26.

A Western Yellow Robin in the Aldinga Scrub C.B.Ashton pp. 26-27.

Bird note
Chestnut-crowned Babblers west of the Flinders Ranges
Leo Joseph p. 27.

Addenda and corrigenda p. 28.

Volume 30, Part 2. September 1986

1986V30P2The birds of Billiatt Conservation Park Graham Carpenter and Jamie Matthew pp. 29-37.

Bird note
Radjah Shelduck in South Australia
J.B. Paton p. 37.

Historical sightings of the Glossy Black-Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus lathami and Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo C. magnificus in south-eastern Australia Robert F. Baird pp. 38-45.

Monitoring of Cape Barren Goose populations in South Australia A.C. Robinson and L.B. Delroy pp. 45-51.

Golden Whistlers in the Gawler Ranges J.B. Paton pp. 51-52.

A Red-lored Whistler in the Manning Reserve, Mount Lofty Ranges Jim and Maria Hackett pp. 52-53.

Bird note
Feral Peafowl breeding at Monteith
K. Beasley p. 53.

Book reviews
The dynamic partnership: birds and plants in southern Australia H.A. Ford & D.C. Paton (eds.)
reviewed by Dexter Palmer p. 54.

Australian parrots – a field and aviary study by B.R. Hutchins and R.H. Lovell reviewed by Lynn Pedler pp. 54-55.

The birdlife of Rottnest Island by D.A. Saunders and C.P. de Rebeira reviewed by Janet Pedler pp. 55-56.

Sound recording review
A field guide to Australian bird song Parts I & II compiled and edited by Rex Buckingham and Len Jackson
reviewed by H.W. Crouch p. 56.

1986V30P3Volume 30, Part 3. March 1987

The Eyrean Grasswren Amytornis goyderi in the Northern Territory J.R. Cole and D.F. Gibson pp. 57-59.

Further observations in the north-west of South Australia R.P. Jaensch and I.A. Jaensch pp. 60-61.

Birds of the Port Wakefield district, 1968-1985 Paul W. Taylor pp. 62-73.

First record of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper in South Australia M.J. Arthur p. 74.

Alexandra’s Parrots in the Great Victoria Desert Ross J. Allen p. 75.

Breeding record of the Black Honeyeater at Port Neill, Eyre Peninsula Trevor Cox p. 76.

Black Honeyeater breeding in the south east of South Australia J.M. Bourne p. 77.

Lewin’s Rail breeding near Little Dip R.P. Jaensch p. 78.

Some interesting breeding records from the Lake Eyre drainage basin in South Australia F.J. Badman pp. 79-81.

Bird notes
Satin Flycatcher at Marree
H.J. Eckert p. 82.

Galahs breeding in crabholes in the far north-east of South Australia F. Teague p. 82.

Nest building by the Painted Firetail in the North Flinders Ranges P. Hornsby p. 83.

Predation by Silver Gulls on Mallard x Pacific Black Duck hybrid ducklings G. Haddon p. 83.

Book reviews
The birds of Australia. A book of identification (Second edition) edited by Ken Simpson, illustrated by Nicholas Day
reviewed by Leo Joseph p. 84.

The birds of Wallacea (Sulawesi, The Moluccas & Lesser Sunda Islands) by C.M.N White and Murray D. Bruce reviewed by Leo Joseph p. 84.

1986V30P4Volume 30, Part 4. September 1987

Some notes on the perplexing Cox’s Sandpiper John B. Cox pp. 85-97.

Recent observations of the distribution and habitat of the Yellow Chat Epththianura crocea in the Northern Territory B.W. Strong and M.R. Fleming pp. 98-102.

Birds of the Le Fevre Peninsula, Adelaide, 1972-1985 Jackie Winslet and Brian Winslet pp. 103-110.

Book reviews
Species-checklist of the birds of New Guinea by B.M. Beehler and B.W. Finch.; The birds of Papua New Guinea, including the Bismarck Archipelago and Bougainville by B.J. Coates.; The birds of New Guinea by B.M. Beehler, T.K. Pratt and D.A. Zimmerman
reviewed by Walter Boles pp. 111-112.

1986V30P5Volume 30, Part 5. March 1988

Some South Australian records of the Little Stint John B. Cox pp. 113-116.

Broad-billed Sandpipers at Clinton Conservation Park Jim Hackett and Maria Hackett p. 117.

First record of Baird’s Sandpiper in South Australia R.G.T. Snell p. 118-119.

Obituary: Julian Ford Leo Joseph p. 119.

Some records and notes on the identification of the Oriental Plover John B. Cox pp. 120-121.

Nesting of the Kelp Gull and other new breeding records from Outer Harbour D.J. Vincent pp. 122-124.

A Northern Shoveler at Buckland Park J.H. Hatch and R.G.T. Snell p. 125.

Birds observed at Cook on the Nullarbor Plain W.L. Klau pp. 126-128.

Further information of the Funereal Cockatoos of Eyre Peninsula Raymond C. Nias pp. 129-131.

Corrigendum p. 131.

The origin of the populations of the Eastern Rosella inhabiting the Mount Lofty Ranges and Adelaide plains, South Australia S.A. Parker p. 132.

Migratory flocks of honeyeaters at Cape Jervis, South Australia David C. Paton pp. 133-134.

Bird notes
Little Eagle attacks Wedge-tailed Eagles
Mark Bonnin p. 135.

Apostlebirds at Yandama Bore Ian May p. 135.

Book reviews
Shorebirds in Australia text by Brett Lane, illustrations by Jeff Davies
reviewed by David Close pp. 136-137.

The Slater field guide to Australian birds by P., P. and R. Slater reviewed by Graham Carpenter, with contributions by R.F. Brown and J.B. Cox pp. 137-139.

A field guide to the birds of Hawaii and the tropical Pacific by H. Douglas Pratt, Phillip L. Bruner and Delwyn G. Berrett reviewed by Leo Joseph pp. 139-140.

Obituary: Muriel Daley David Vincent p. 140.

1986V30P6Volume 30, Part 6. September 1988

A history of the Regent Honeyeater in South Australia D.C. Franklin and P.W. Menkhorst pp. 141-145.

A review of the distribution, habitat and conservation status of the Western Whipbird Psophodes nigrogularis leucogaster in the Murray mallee J.C.Z. Woinarski, H.J. Eckert and P.W. Menkhorst pp. 146-153.

Introduced and feral birds on the Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island Allen F.C. Lashmar pp. 154-155.

A Rose Robin in the Swan Reach Conservation Park, Murray mallee Jim Hackett and Maria Hackett p. 156.

Common Sandpiper running under water John Seymour p. 157.

Avian vectors of the seeds of the European Olive Olean europea David C. Paton, James R. Tucker, Joan B. Paton and Penelope A. Paton pp. 158-159.

Black Honeyeaters feeding amongst charcoal and ash Barry R. Hutchins p. 160.

Little Woodswallows at Whyalla Richard Fox p. 161.

Some records of note in the Flinders Ranges and Adelaide regions G.B. Ragless p. 162.

Chestnut-breasted Whitefaces near Lyndhurst Rob Drummond pp. 163-164.

Bird note
A Plains-Wanderer near Nantawarra
Paul Taylor p. 165.

Two further sight records of Motacilla Wagtails in South Australia Alison Holder, Katya Figwer, Graham Carpenter and Rob Kernot pp. 166-168.

Book review
Your garden birds by Ellen M. McCulloch
reviewed by Jean Wilson p. 168.

1986V30P7Volume 30, Part 7. March 1989

Notes on the affinities of Cooper’s and Cox’s Sandpipers John B. Cox pp. 169-181 .

Laughing Kookaburras in the central Flinders Ranges Joan B. Paton p. 181.

The nomenclatural status of a recent name for a wader Glen Ingram pp. 182-183.

Monitoring of Cape Barren Goose populations in South Australia II. The 1989 breeding season and further banding recoveries L.B. Delroy, A.C. Robinson and M.H. Waterman pp. 184-189.

Deaths from thiamine deficiency in honeyeaters fed in a suburban garden J.M. Bonnin pp. 190-192.

Reassignment of the type-locality of Platycercus venustus (Kuhl, 1820), the Northern Rosella Ian A.W. McAllan pp. 193-195.

Book review
The birds of Sumatra by J.G. Van Marle and H.K Voous
reviewed by Leo Joseph p. 196.

1986V30P8Volume 30, Part 8. September 1989

A Spangled Drongo on Kangaroo Island Chris Baxter pp. 197-198.

The type locality of Epthianura aurifrons Gould 1838 the Orange Chat Ian A.W. McAllan pp. 199-201.

The Glossy Black-Cockatoo in the south Mount Lofty Ranges Leo Joseph pp. 202-204 .

Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus breeding at Bool Lagoon, 1984-1986 Roger P. Jaensch pp. 205-209.

A southern breeding record of the Red-backed Kingfisher with notes on the species occurrence in southern South Australia John Eckert pp. 210-212.

Square-tailed Kites breeding in South Australia Jeff Jolly pp. 213-214.

Plains-Wanderers near Robe J.M. Bonnin and R.C. Angove pp. 215-216.

Bird note
Woodswallows eating fruit
John Eckert p. 216.

Australian Grey Teal feeding on sewage effluent Mark Bonnin p. 217.

Book review
Atlas of Victorian birds by W.B. Emison et al
reviewed by Julian Reid & Lynn Pedler pp. 218-220.

Birding sites around Perth by Ron van Delft reviewed by Bill Matheson p. 221.

Where to find birds in Australia by John Bransbury reviewed by David Vincent p. 222.

Obituary: Arnold McGill Brian Glover p. 224.

Editorial Leo Joseph p. 224.